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I miss seafood. I do. Being pregnant takes away the fun of hot summer day sushi. It doesn’t however, prevent me from sewing some of my favorites from the sea. There are a lot of neat tutorials out for fun summer sewing. Or not sewing.

While She Naps┬ámade a great tuturial on a no-sew octopus. This was a lot of fun to make with things I had floating around my craft closet. I need a better name for it besides “Craft closet.” “Crap closet” or maybe “fall out shelter” … anyways. I did have to go buy the styrofoam balls, but that’s all right. I had fun with this. I tried two- one with googly eyes (because who doesn’t love googly eyes) and felt eyes. Mr. Lulu felt the felt eyes best embodied the spirit of the octopus, so I went with that. Here’s my version (which is funny because I think it’s the same color fleece that While She Naps used!) I feel he has the whole pirate chic thing going on, and I was really tempted to give him an eye patch!

I may have made a gaggle of octoped. Herd of octoped? Murder of octoped? I like murder of octoped but it’s just because it sounds frightful and let’s face it, if I ever came into contact with an octopus, I’d scare the dickens out of me.



Riley Blake Designs┬áposted a tutorial on how to make Bohemian blowfish pincushions. This was too adorable. I gave it a go and have made two. To be honest, the lips gave me a lot of trouble, but I think that’s just me. For whatever reason, working with small pieces when sewing drives me batty. I’m a big swoopy kind of person. Tiny things (except embroidery) frustrate me.

But I was pleased with the fish! The first I didn’t add pennies to, because that woulda meant breaking into Piggy to get the pennies. I’m a debit card kinda gal. So it turned out more of a softie than a pin cushion, although, I imagine he’d be used for anything. I love that I can use scrap fabric for these projects. It doesn’t really take a full fat quarter to make them and believe me when I say I have a TON of scrap fabric!

The second fish I made I worked a little more on the lips but they still don’t look quite right. It’s ok though. And instead of pennies I used some marbles that I had near my sewing desk. I figured it’d give it weight and handled it the same way by encasing it in a small circle of fabric.
Again, I love that I get to use scrap fabric for these! I just realized that the green fish looks like it has a wick sticking out of the top! Nope, just my sewing machine! I plan on making a few more of these as friends, or perhaps for the Raptor to play with.




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Breaking My Own Sewing Rule

When I last left this blog, I posted a picture of my new birthday pj pants. They are pretty awesome. I came home this afternoon from work and took the waistband off, brought the pants up 3 inches so they’d fit better, and reattached the band. They fit now. They aren’t one massive baggy blob.

Somewhere in my head I decided that it wasn’t so difficult to sew a pair of pajama pants. And after years of sewing lots of things, I realized I never have sewn anything for Mr. Lulu. But that breaks my general rule of thumb. My Cardinal Rule. The Rule That Shall Not Be Broke. And I broked it.

My Rule: Don’t sew for anyone but yourself.

There are exceptions to this rule: blankets are ok to sew, some accessories, and embroidery is fine. But sewing clothes is a number one no no. So whatever on earth possessed me to sew for my husband, I will never know.

But the sewing fairy was on my side on this one. Over the weekend, we went to Joanns and Mr. Lulu went through the flannels. We looked at plaids (yawn) we looked at dinosaurs (kinda cool), there wasn’t enough mushroom fabric on the bolt (bummer) but Mr. Lulu kept going back to … puppies.

Maybe this comes from his love of puppy piles, but we brought home some yardage and I sewed him a pair of pajama pants.

It went remarkably well. One, it helps that the pattern is super easy. Two, it helps that the pattern is super easy. :) With a little taking in, hemming of the legs, and fixing the elastic, Mr. Lulu now has a new pair of stylin’ puppy pants.

Puppy Pants

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