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Sipping once, Sipping twice…

Maurice Sendak wrote in my favorite (lesser known Sendak book) Chicken Soup with Rice,

“In January it’s so nice, While slipping on the sliding ice, To sip hot chicken soup with rice. Sipping once, sipping twice, Sipping chicken soup with rice.”

And how I wish my January was filled with slipping on sliding ice while eating chicken soup with rice. Instead it has been filled with friends, folly, and infections. The infection though, is being treated with antibiotics and complimented by soup, which is so nice. I have not done nearly what I wanted to accomplish in January, but I have begun a new project, which, in my head of crazy deadlines, I’d like to see done by Monday when semester begins again.

A while ago, I listened to an interview on Fresh Air, where Terry Gross interviewed Sendak. I was in tears my whole way home. He was on to talk about his newest book, This Pig Wants to Party, but it was such an amazingly touching story of him growing older, loving, being loved, and knowing his end is near. His end will never be near, I know he is so loved, not just by me, but by everyone. His book like Where the Wild Things Are is a classic. All of his books are classics, in my mind. So are his illustrations.

I decided to embroider a drawing out of Chicken Soup with Rice. I know I carried this book with me everwhere. And somewhere in moves, my original hard copy has been misplaced and has been replaced with a newer, paperback version. This is my way of expressing my love to a man who I grew up with and can most definitely say, with whom I’d sip chicken soup with rice. Chickie



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