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I am wearing my “I finished craft projects” gold star!

You know that quilt I started? Yeah, I finished it. It’s a good snuggle blanket, which is about what I’m OK at. See, didn’t say “good at.” Just ok. And I’m ok with being ok. But you know what? I didn’t take a photo of the finished project. Why? I don’t know…I blame the velociraptor.

This is the same velociraptor who has turned toasters into heavy machinery, made me forget that that to heat the kettle, one must first turn on the stove, and the same velociraptor who kept me home from work on Friday when my right leg (not the left this time) went out on me. Thank goodness for Mr. Lulu who can talk sense into me regarding things like driving with the left leg. (For the record, you shouldn’t attempt it)

Anyways, I HAVE taken photos of other projects that I recently completed. It’s been a lot of fun being home and being crafty. Some call it “nesting” I call it “not in school and  having to find things to occupy my time.”

I have found Pinterest to be a great inspiration. I made these by melting plastic pony beads in a pie tin for 20 minutes at 400 degrees.  Yeah, it smells a little bad but hey! They are cute, unbreakable suncatchers!

 I also decided to recover my chair I’ve been using for my sewing desk. I used leftover Moda fabric (I forget which collection, but my guess would be Oz, just because that’s what my other ones came from. I could be wrong though).

And I taught my niece how to sew this weekend! That was a LOT of fun. We learned the very basic mechanics of using my sewing machine, with her sitting on my lap and me helping her guide the fabric. Monkey got a new sleeping bag, complete with attached pillow. I don’t think sewing was nearly as much fun as her new iPod Nano, but that’s OK. She’s learning. Kate also worked on her embroidery a little, learning the back stitch and the split stitch.

And the last thing I’ve been working on have been plant markers to sell at the church bazaar. These fun things are made of wire, wine corks, and beads. I wrote the names of herbs as pretty as I possibly could, decorated wire and dug it all into the base of the cork. They are fun and cute. I have a few more to make, but ran out of wire and beads. I’ve kinda been keeping Michaels in business lately. Sorry for the crummy photo. Mr. Lulu and I are in the market for a new camera. I’ve been using my iPhone, can you tell?

Speaking of Michaels, they have these awesome pendants that you can make lockets out of. I wanted little itty bitty embroidery hoops to do miniature embroidery but no one seems to make them, unless they make them for themselves, to sell their own itty bitty embroidery. So I bought one of these lockets and did my own. First of all, I didn’t realize just how difficult small stitching is. Um, that’s more, way more difficult than I imagined. But it worked and fit in the locket. I’m not wholly pleased with the end result of my matroyshka doll, so I may go for something  a bit less ambitious and try a flower.

But it’s been a good time finishing up a few projects, starting new projects, attempting projects…like another quilt. I KNOW I KNOW. ANOTHER ONE. Yes, I’m going to be giving these away. No one needs this many blankets around the house. And for someone who hates making blankets, I sure do it a lot. Mr. Lulu equated it to an addiction, I keep doing something I don’t like, but it occupies my time.

Oh wait…maybe it is.


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A finished bowl of chicken soup with rice

My dear father reminded me that I hadn’t posted lately. Mostly because I haven’t been home, work has been busy, and my volunteer work has increased, so the time I am home, I try and sleep.

However, on Saturday, I took time to sit down, watch trashy TV (on Netflix) and finish “Chicken Soup with Rice.” It’s finished in the sense that I have finished embroidering. It is hooped, but not finished, but will be. This absolutely is my favorite piece I’ve done.

Chicken Soup with Rice

Mr. Lulu found the thread for the leaves, which was a fun multi-colored strand.  Stitching this piece brought me a LOT of happiness. It’s my first real character piece. I hope you love it as much as I do.


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Sipping once, Sipping twice…

Maurice Sendak wrote in my favorite (lesser known Sendak book) Chicken Soup with Rice,

“In January it’s so nice, While slipping on the sliding ice, To sip hot chicken soup with rice. Sipping once, sipping twice, Sipping chicken soup with rice.”

And how I wish my January was filled with slipping on sliding ice while eating chicken soup with rice. Instead it has been filled with friends, folly, and infections. The infection though, is being treated with antibiotics and complimented by soup, which is so nice. I have not done nearly what I wanted to accomplish in January, but I have begun a new project, which, in my head of crazy deadlines, I’d like to see done by Monday when semester begins again.

A while ago, I listened to an interview on Fresh Air, where Terry Gross interviewed Sendak. I was in tears my whole way home. He was on to talk about his newest book, This Pig Wants to Party, but it was such an amazingly touching story of him growing older, loving, being loved, and knowing his end is near. His end will never be near, I know he is so loved, not just by me, but by everyone. His book like Where the Wild Things Are is a classic. All of his books are classics, in my mind. So are his illustrations.

I decided to embroider a drawing out of Chicken Soup with Rice. I know I carried this book with me everwhere. And somewhere in moves, my original hard copy has been misplaced and has been replaced with a newer, paperback version. This is my way of expressing my love to a man who I grew up with and can most definitely say, with whom I’d sip chicken soup with rice. Chickie


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I am not a stranger to my own blog

Hello. How are you? Oh, you don’t…this is embarrassing…

I write this blog. Yes, it’s difficult to remember someone who is randomly posting, but my goodness, you know when browsers aren’t updated at places you normally write, or your blackberry makes for terrible postings, or when you come home you are either too tired or you are doing homework which is completely unrelated to doing anything crafty…so you don’t think about writing about crafts because you are too busy writing about land use management these days..

Well, I haven’t been ALL that busy, I have done a few things.

First, Go check out my blogroll! Yes! Updated links! Fancy blogs filled with creative people who update more than once every coughcoughcough…

And second! I had UFOs in my closet. You know, those unslightly unfinished objects?! yes, well, I completed them! And here they are!

Place Mat Purse


Flower Tote

and my favorite

Damask Purse with Beading

I love, it’s hard to see, but I love the beading on the last one. It’s so fun and swishy and classy! It was my first time sewing with beads like that and I tell you, they get everywhere when you run them over with your sewing machine. OOPS!

I’ve been doing a lot of embroidery as well. Mostly labyrinths for our church’s bazaar which is coming up in November, but it’s a lot of fun. Labyrinths are great for relaxing your mind, but they are also great meditation to embroider.

Well, let’s hope that I’m back on here a little more. I mean, how much can one possibly write about the legal issues of redevelopment of land. Don’t answer that…but I’d much rather be writing about the fun crafty things that have been happening.

In the mean time, go check out some of my favorite blogs. They are awesome. Just like you!

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The Satin Stitch

Or how I ruined my embroidery…

My aunt, who is very wise, said to me she could never master the satin stitch. I saw that as a challenge. Ah HA! I said, I can do it! Because I! AM! AWESOME!

I found a pattern on Urban Threads I just loved. It’s the communist fist with a sewing needle and thread. Yeah, that’s kinda me. I mean, what else says “crafting for everyone?” And it has this great border and rays of light…and in my head I had this border satin stitched and all pretty with beautiful yellows and reds and…then reality hit.

The Beginning

So it started out with nice, even stitches. And I’m thinking, “this is easy!”


Uh oh


My stitches got loose. And uneven. How did I not notice just how uneven and wackadoo they were?

In my little brain I thought, “HEY! I’ll just keep going! I can hide this with a border! A border for the border! It makes perfect sense!”

I could never color in the lines.

And when your brain is justifying its mistakes, it’s time to hang it up. Let us examine everything that is wrong with the above picture…

  • uneven stitches. you can see they are diagonal
  • the stitches are loose
  • the stitches don’t even follow the lines I drew

Satin stitch…you and I did not work out. I ended up scrapping the entire piece of fabric. Yup. Done with it. And started a new.  Finished it too. Take  a look:

Here the satin stitch was used once, for the needle. It was a good practice run, not perfect, but not nearly as embarrassing as the first attempt with the border.

I tried, right? And now I know what I need to practice on!

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I sewed. I took pictures. I’m sewing some more.

Recently, I’ve been sewing. But what is SO AMAZING about my sewing is this time I took PICTURES! I know! It’s crazy and you should probably read that one more time just to let it sink in. I’ll wait.

Go ahead.

Ok….So I suppose now you are saying “Where are they?” HERE! “What did you sew?” STUFF! I’m informative. Thanks to a friend’s tip off that Joann Fabrics was having a sale, I went and hit their 50% off the clearance fabric on Sunday. I bought some fabric, some patterns, some needles (I love to break needles). And I came home and sewed. A lot.

The first dress I sewed was New Look 6936 and its a fun, knit dress. The dress was super easy to sew (once I figured out that you really should follow the directions for the sleeves on the pattern. I mean, who knew that they had to go on a certain way?) It’s a really fun dress and today I was asked “where did you get that?” Yeah, I like that question.


On Monday, I sewed New Look 6022. It’s a simple frock, with sleeves. But for me, it turned out to be more than that. It was the firs time I made a pleated collar, sleeves, and a little ruching. And it is just a really sweet dress. It’s black with pink pin stripes: subtle, yet sophisticated.

I don’t have a full picture yet, but will take one. Here are some snippets of the dress detail.

So yeah…those are the dresses I’ve made this week. Can I tell you I am in love with the button? It’s on the back of the dress, so I can’t see it, but it’s gorgeous.

But in the process of sewing, I’ve also been doing some embroidery. I finally finished the set of 6 napkins I’d been working on. These are simple little birds that were in a pattern book from Sublime Stitching. These were made with variegated thread, little French knots (some are good. some are BAD) but I had a lot of fun making these.

So yeah… And now I’m working on a piece for my sewing room from Urban Threads. I’m excited. It’s my first attempt at red work!

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Seed stitches, back stitches, French knots…

What am I talking about? EMBROIDERY! Oh my goodness, I love embroidery. I forget how much I love it, till I sit down and do it.

Let’s list WHY embroidery is so awesome

  1. It travels REALLY well. I mean, I can take it to work and work on things during lunch! AWESOME!
  2. It has endless possibilities. Napkins? Sure! Pillows? Why the French Knot?! (ok, that was a seriously bad joke) Clothes? Check! Wall decor? Woo hoo!
  3. There are so many resources. So many. I mean, SO MANY.
  4. It isn’t your great grandma’s embroidery anymore! Yes, teddy bears and bird houses have their place (I’m still trying to figure out where) but nowadays with places like Sublime Stitching and Urban Threads, you can find so many awesome patterns and inspirations for the modern embroiderist! embroiderer!

I just finished a Father’s Day gift with a quote my Dad always says. It looks like notebook paper and says “I’ll break your eye.” It’s a family thing. I mean, just because I have bad eyesight doesn’t mean he broke my eye ever…just one of those things. Like ask my Mom about watching our backsides… And I’m working finishing up a set of napkins.

Oh right, this is where I put pictures in! Hm…those are nowhere to be found. But go. Go embroider! Like the wind! Learn your French and colonial knots (oh my goodness, why did I think they were so difficult?) Stitch some squid- it’s so easy, you have no excuse!

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