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Wrap yourself in tentacles.

Every once in awhile, I can guess a trend. Peacocks? I was totally all over those five years ago. And now? I still love peacocks, but peacocks have had their day. Stop being so showy and flashy.

What’s next? Tentacles. Octopus. Squid.

I’ve been trying to convince Mr. Lulu of this now for about three months…I had found a great diptych of a squid and I was shot down. But if you look closely, you’ll find the cephalapod murking behind the nearest rock.

Yes, yes, yes, I realize that trending is so over, and that with the Internet, we can have whatever trends we want…but I really think the 8-legged sea creature (squid or octopus, I’m not differentiating) will be on your next Target shelf. In a year or two.

But here’s what I found after a quick search…Oh- and by the way, on my Facebook feed this morning, Etsy was featuring this:  Art Akimbo’s Wall Tentacle.

And if you look on Etsy, there are lots of things…jewelry! This is Foowahu’s Tentacle Guardian Necklace:

The website Art Fire has a Giant Squid reusable stencil. This would look great in a bathroom, if you want to be conventional, or maybe in an entry way…

Of course, if you want something slightly more subtle, there is the Octopus shelf from Burke Decor


There is some amazing squid and octopus pieces out there. The mystique, the art, and the grace of these creatures is enough to bring them from the “ew” to the “aww.” Give it a chance. I bet though, you’ll start seeing a lot more of these guys escaping the depths of the ocean and finding themselves on shelves near you.



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