What Could I Possibly Need?



I went today and bought a little more fabric for the upcoming Candy Land show. I found I lack in things pink, so I grabbed a couple yards of:


I love the pink peacock feathers. It’s just fun. We’ll see what comes out of this, I’m not sure yet. I am sure it won’t get touched till after Thanksgiving though!


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Almost Here!

Just like the due date for my final paper in Land Use Management, the date for Candy Land Live is rapidly approaching!

I know my last few blog posts have been about this great event, but I hope to keep talking about it and what a great cause it is for. Many many people are affected by breast cancer. Not just those who have the horrible disease, but those families and friends who reach out and offer their support. I guarantee everyone knows at least one person who has been touched in some way by breast cancer.

 Candy Land  has been rolling out more details, some of which I will share here. But I encourage you! Go look at their blog! Keep up with the updates! And come see me at the event on December 3rd!

In no particular order, here are some AWESOME notes about Candy Land Live!

  • Bear Creek BBQ will be there with food!
  • Babycakes Cupcakes will be there with a special cupcake JUST for the event
  • IT’S PEANUT FREE! (I realize that this is a massive WOO HOO for some folks, but I love me some peanuts!)
  • Dress up like your favorite candy! Or dress up your children! Who doesn’t love being able to dress up outside of Halloween?
  • Face Painting
  • Macaroni Mama will be there to talk about Macaroni Kids!
  • Raffles

See?! So many cool things will be going on! Come say hi. Come eat! Come play! And most of all, come out and support a great cause.

See you in Candyland!

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Candyland! A little over a month away!

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Playing Games…for a cause!

About a month ago, I played a game of telephone (sort of). My good friend Kelly told me that there was going to be a vendor fair and they wanted people to be able to buy and take products, so I contacted the organizers, and now, here I am, preparing for another game….of CANDY LAND!!!

I’m so excited! Thanks for the Mammaries, a local group who raise money for breast cancer research and do the Avon Breast Cancer Walk each year are organizing a giant life size game of Candy Land at the St. Mary’s County Fairgrounds on December 3, 2011. They are having a vendor fair and many other opportunities for fun that day!

top image

You’ll find me there with my whole inventory and a few other goodies (busty pin cushions, anyone?) This will be a great opportunity to support a great cause, meet new people, and have a lot of fun! Oh yeah, did I mention Christmas shopping?!

Go check out their blog, Candy Land SOMD, and read The Original Lulu Bean’s profile posted this week!

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Breaking My Own Sewing Rule

When I last left this blog, I posted a picture of my new birthday pj pants. They are pretty awesome. I came home this afternoon from work and took the waistband off, brought the pants up 3 inches so they’d fit better, and reattached the band. They fit now. They aren’t one massive baggy blob.

Somewhere in my head I decided that it wasn’t so difficult to sew a pair of pajama pants. And after years of sewing lots of things, I realized I never have sewn anything for Mr. Lulu. But that breaks my general rule of thumb. My Cardinal Rule. The Rule That Shall Not Be Broke. And I broked it.

My Rule: Don’t sew for anyone but yourself.

There are exceptions to this rule: blankets are ok to sew, some accessories, and embroidery is fine. But sewing clothes is a number one no no. So whatever on earth possessed me to sew for my husband, I will never know.

But the sewing fairy was on my side on this one. Over the weekend, we went to Joanns and Mr. Lulu went through the flannels. We looked at plaids (yawn) we looked at dinosaurs (kinda cool), there wasn’t enough mushroom fabric on the bolt (bummer) but Mr. Lulu kept going back to … puppies.

Maybe this comes from his love of puppy piles, but we brought home some yardage and I sewed him a pair of pajama pants.

It went remarkably well. One, it helps that the pattern is super easy. Two, it helps that the pattern is super easy. :) With a little taking in, hemming of the legs, and fixing the elastic, Mr. Lulu now has a new pair of stylin’ puppy pants.

Puppy Pants

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My New Birthday Suit

Today is my birthday. This is my shameful plug.

No. It isn’t even shameful.

We are all born with our birthday suits on and as we know, growing up, we get new birthday suits. Sometimes they shrink. Sometimes they get bigger. Sometimes we cover our birthday suits with new birthday suits or dresses or…pajama pants.

I woke up this morning, bright and early at 7am and made myself a new pair of pajama pants. Now mind you, I’ve had a Simplicity pattern for pajama pants for about two years now. And I’ve even been in desperate need of new pajama pants for quite some time. My favorite blue pair are thread bare and the elastic is showing and the casing is almost gone and well, they’ve seen MUCH better days.

This week at Joanns, I found a fabric that’s a fuzzy flannel, a ridiculous stripe that I thought would make a good pair of pajama pants. The good news is that it did! The bad news is for the life of me, I can’t seem to get my sizing straight these days. What I thought would fit, was about five sizes too large and my pajama pants resemble something along the lines of a clown suit.

The good news is is that they are SUPER comfy. I mean, SUPER COMFY. AND…AND!!!! I figured out how to use my blind hem foot. Holy moly that is awesome. Who knew a blind hem could be SO amazing and make cool cuffs?

So here’s a bad picture of my new pajama pants. And how ridiculously huge they are. But it’s my new birthday suit. My ridiculous birthday suit for turning another year ridiculously older.

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The birthday quilt

Yesterday was my niece’s 6th birthday. HOLY MOLY. I swear, I can’t figure out where time goes. She wanted me to take a picture of her and I and put it on facebook, but I can’t resist…

She’s so stinkin’ adorable.

Anyways, for her birthday gift, she wanted to go paint pottery like her Mom and Dad did, so Mr. Lulu and I got her a gift certificate for Paint n Pottery in Huntingtown. We did it once and it was so much fun. Now she gets to go! She also got a birthday quilt. I had started this months ago and finished it two hours before her birthday. YAY PROCRASTINATION!!!

Anyways, this little guy is just big enough for Kate. It’s a vanishing 9 square, or disappearing 9 patch, or whichever name you want to call it. I rolled her gift certificate up in the quilt and let her unroll it. The back of the quilt is hot pink, the binding is actually purple, but as we all know, the blackberry takes faaaaaaaaaaaaaabulous pictures.

I tell you, it’s amazing how fast one can finish a quilt when need be! I did try fusible quilt batting. It didn’t fuse very well, but it also could’ve been because I was in a hurry. I am proud of it though.

Kate seemed to have liked the quilt, but nothing could compare with the Barbie Dream House she got from parents and grandparents.

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