Nothing going on here, folks.

Not too much has been going on at the Lulu Bean home, so I’ve not had much urge to post anything. It’s actually been quite- just working on homework (semester is winding down already) and church has been gearing up for Holy Week, which is always filled to the brim with preparations, services, and of course, Easter Egg hunts.

I did a little sewing this past week. I made a yoga skirt for myself, which is super comfy and about like wearing pajamas at work. AWESOME. And I’ve been working on the quilt for Charlotte. That was going great till I finished the top and spread it out and said “OH CRAP!” One whole row was all wrong and it was in the middle. I had to rip out the row and the rip apart the squares. It’s ready to go now, just needs border and flannel and Miss Charlotte can have a nice spring blanket for her bed. I’m so excited about this quilt!

Anyways, other than that, it’s the same ol’ same ol.


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A finished bowl of chicken soup with rice

My dear father reminded me that I hadn’t posted lately. Mostly because I haven’t been home, work has been busy, and my volunteer work has increased, so the time I am home, I try and sleep.

However, on Saturday, I took time to sit down, watch trashy TV (on Netflix) and finish “Chicken Soup with Rice.” It’s finished in the sense that I have finished embroidering. It is hooped, but not finished, but will be. This absolutely is my favorite piece I’ve done.

Chicken Soup with Rice

Mr. Lulu found the thread for the leaves, which was a fun multi-colored strand.  Stitching this piece brought me a LOT of happiness. It’s my first real character piece. I hope you love it as much as I do.


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Sipping once, Sipping twice…

Maurice Sendak wrote in my favorite (lesser known Sendak book) Chicken Soup with Rice,

“In January it’s so nice, While slipping on the sliding ice, To sip hot chicken soup with rice. Sipping once, sipping twice, Sipping chicken soup with rice.”

And how I wish my January was filled with slipping on sliding ice while eating chicken soup with rice. Instead it has been filled with friends, folly, and infections. The infection though, is being treated with antibiotics and complimented by soup, which is so nice. I have not done nearly what I wanted to accomplish in January, but I have begun a new project, which, in my head of crazy deadlines, I’d like to see done by Monday when semester begins again.

A while ago, I listened to an interview on Fresh Air, where Terry Gross interviewed Sendak. I was in tears my whole way home. He was on to talk about his newest book, This Pig Wants to Party, but it was such an amazingly touching story of him growing older, loving, being loved, and knowing his end is near. His end will never be near, I know he is so loved, not just by me, but by everyone. His book like Where the Wild Things Are is a classic. All of his books are classics, in my mind. So are his illustrations.

I decided to embroider a drawing out of Chicken Soup with Rice. I know I carried this book with me everwhere. And somewhere in moves, my original hard copy has been misplaced and has been replaced with a newer, paperback version. This is my way of expressing my love to a man who I grew up with and can most definitely say, with whom I’d sip chicken soup with rice. Chickie


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Hey there! Hi! YOO HOO! (I really just like saying YOO HOO! <- see, I did it again)

I wanted to update you…no, I haven’t quite moved to Tumblr yet. I know. And no, Jon Hamm did not show up at my house with hockey tickets, or a trip away, or anything like that. Mr. Lulu did make me scream on Christmas morning LIKE JON HAMM was at the door, when my stocking rang…and inside (buried at the very bottom) was a new iPhone 4s. SIRI! She’s my new BFF.

But this isn’t about Christmas past….No. Or New Years…because that too has come and gone and here we are, ten days into the new year. Only 355 days left to accomplish all I need to accomplish! 

Let us start with a list of (and I will put this in big bold letters for dramatic effect) EVERYTHING LULU BEAN WANTS TO ACCOMPLISH IN 2012!!! (if you said it in a big booming voice, you got what I was going for!)

  • Clean my sewing closet. I wish I had taken photos of it to post, but um, its an embarrassment. It needs cleaned, purged, reorganized and made all the better. Are baskets REALLY the best way to store fabric if it ends up in piles? I don’t know. Thoughts, dear reader(s)?
  • Take three more graduate classes (and then I will have one left in 2013 and I will graduate!)
  • Continue to work with the commissions I sit on, without being a poopoo head about it
  • Continue to work with my most awesome church and do the most awesome things for the Most Awesome. (She totally deserves capitals!)
  • Keep my hubby happy. (Make your hobby, hubby. Keep your hubby happy. When he’s a little chubby. He’s the happy pappy. With Rockenschpeel! Flintstones, anyone…anyone…?) This includes renewing our vows at our 10 year anniversary.
  • Redo my screened in porch, which includes painting, replacing wainscotting, cleaning, maybe removing furniture. Why DO we have so much furniture? Again, I’d show pictures, but…it’s scary
  • Sew more. Hey! Look at that! A sewing bullet! And by sewing more, I mean, the quilt top for me. A new dress for me. And work harder to better my sewing skills.
  • Better my sewing skills (totally deserves its own)
  • Learn how to use my serger

It’s going to be an exciting year, this 2012. Iwill do what I always do…get ridiculously busy, freak out, wonder why I do it, enjoy it, and then rinse and repeat. Because that’s what I do. And at 32, I think I’ve become OK with that. I’m not sure Mr. Lulu has…I really don’t think Mr. Lulu is OK with the “freak out” step in all that, but he’s supportive. But I’m sure he’d like to see one of those bullet points “not freak out when I put too much on my plate and can’t deal with it simultaneously.”

So before I leave this posting today, here is the finished quilt I made for my friend April. We are doing a blanket swap. She’s crocheted me a blanket, I quilted her one! It’s so exciting!

April's Quit

This is the beginnings of Charlotte’s quilt. Her mama picked out the fabrics, which are adorable! It’s another Disappearing/ Vanishing 9 patch. When it’s finished, I’ll post more pictures!



Charlotte's Quilt

Till then, happy sewing and happy 2012!



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Twas the week before Christmas…and no donkey (or John Hamm) in sight

I have found that I cannot name a post until I write the post. I mean, who writes their abstract of their 55 page paper before writing the actual paper? I cannot predict WHERE this may go.

Except, I thought I would update you all since my last posting about John Hamm. He has not shown up at my house yet, but when he does, with hockey tickets in hand (for the Leafs game in Toronto, no doubt), I will let you all know. In the meantime, I have a super amazing husband who is not indulging my Christmas wishes. No one likes a spoiled wife, apparently.

I have yet to find a donkey and this is a slight tragedy, but in the grand scheme of things, this could be kind of frightening:

Hello, Christmas Donkey

My baking is almost finished. I’ve made Christmas thins, almond crescents, white chocolate cherry shortbread, kolaches, and chocolate orange fudge. I still have the frangelico crinkles to make, but I keep forgetting to leave my eggs out.
We had a slew of people over to make gingerbread houses. I will post pictures when I get them off my camera, but in the mean time, this is what mine didn’t look like:
So….maybe I lifted this off of Google images and didn’t really make it.

We had a great time with Kelly, Aaron, Meredith, Todd, Sue Ann, and four of Todd’s nieces and his nephew. I loved seeing the kitchen a mess and the beauty and creativity of all everyone.

In other news, my shopping is *almost* finished.
And lastly, before I go, because now I’m sorely irritated that WordPress will not un-center …
I opened a tumblr account. My Mr. Lulu urged me to think about it and so I did. I haven’t started it yet, but if you want to go ahead and bookmark the site, it’s Gin & Tunic. Get it? Get it??? I will probably make the transition off of wordpress to tumblr at the beginning of the year.
Until then,happy baking!

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A Non Sewing Post

First…Candy Land was a success (i thought). It was cold (hey- heat next year???) but it was fun and I met new peoples and generally had a great time. I have an order for a bag (I haven’t forgotten, Kyllee!) and have some sewing to do, but you know, there was thing called…Christmas.

Right. Christmas. So let me begin with this: Christmas Pageant. Each year, my church puts on a Christmas Pageant with the wee folk of the church. I love them. They are wonderful. They make me squeal with delight. I have beautiful angels and stars and wise peoples, and shepherds, and you names it….but this year, my priest wants….

A donkey

Yes, a donkey. Now, mind you, we have a historic church. Like a 1700 and something church with beautiful slate floors. And all I keep thinking of is…donkey poop. Which will get me in mad trouble with some of the other ladies in the church. We were trying to devise a fake donkey but…yeah…that’s not working out either.

So I’ve been spending a lot of time and energy into getting a donkey. Real or not. And working on this pageant, which is always stressful  a barrel of fun, is just time consuming.
And besides that, and trying to sew, I’ve had meetings. And I’m skipping meetings. And then there was another migraine. And going out to see friends (which may or may not be why I had a migraine after a few elderflower yummy things). And a visit to the Spy Museum, and cutting down a Christmas tree. And decorating a Christmas tree. And the Christmas tree lights not working and not finding them and having to go buy lights only for the other sets of lights we had to be out in the garage…And decorating the house. And … and…
I haven’t done my shopping. WEll, I have my nieces done and part of my sister and brother in law. My Dad is finished (HA!) and thats about it. My baking isn’t even started. THIS IS AN ISSUE! This Sunday is Gingerbread House Sunday.
We will gather with friends, build gingerbread houses, consume too much sugar, and visit Flat Iron Farm. I recommend it. Here, take a peak. So I have gingerbread to bake. I have cookies to make. And candy. And Christmas dinner to buy!
And my poor Mr. Lulu says “I don’t know what to get you” so…i will make a Christmas Wish List right now. I love lists. Its that or make a list of all the cleaning and things that need done before Christmas! I think a list of things I’d like is better than a list of things I need to do. In no particular order…
  • John Hamm
  • fingernails and toenails that naturally manicure themselves and stay painted
  • jewerly. Things that sparkle. Emeralds. Diamonds. Tanzanite. Opals. However, with the price of gold, I think this is a ridiculous request and should best be saved up for for our 10th anniversary this year.
  • a food dehydrator
  • sewing feet
  • a kayak
  • an iPhone
  • an e-reader
  • plants (air plants, green plants, flowering plants, terrariums)
  • peace on earth
  • good will
  • a few more hours in the day
  • new non-melting spatulas
  • books from my Amazon list
  • anything off my Etsy list
  • Caps vs. Leafs tickets in DC (March 11)
  • Caps vs. Leafs tickets in Toronto (Feb 25)
  • a weekend away
  • John Hamm (just in case you missed it the first time)
  • a weekend away with John Hamm (you know, if you want to combine gifts, thats OK too)

There is so much more to do and get done, but it’ll get there. It always does. And then there will be feasting and visits from friends and family and all the wonderful accoutrements to the celebration of Christmas. Which I love. And if anything, let us all receive a little peace and good will this Christmas. And John Hamm.


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Everyone Wins!

I have a migraine. Great way to start a post, huh? You are probably wondering how that relates to “Everyone Wins!” Well, let me tell you.

My little GIANT migrane started yesterday when I knew I needed to be sewing for the upcoming Candy Land game. I knew I couldn’t sew, so I went ahead and priced all of my bags. And I have terrible judgement when I have a migraine.

Here’s where you win: no bag is priced over $30. How awesome is that? My bags are priced lower than on my Etsy site. Each tag is labeled with T.O.L.B. in a certain color. Depending on the color, depends on the price. The lowest price for a bag is $5. You will find make up bags and smaller bags at this price.

I guarantee you will find something for someone on your Christmas list and it won’t break your budget. Fashionable and pretty bags should not cost an arm and a leg. You may even find something for yourself!

And I bet you are wondering how I win at this, if everyone wins. Well, I get my inventory cleaned out by the end of the year. And that is pretty stinkin’ awesome.

So come join us at Candy Land at the St. Mary’s County Fairgrounds tomorrow, beginning at 11. It runs till 6 (I hope I got those hours right). It’s a nut free event. There will be food. There will be fun! So come join us and stop by The Original Lulu Bean and say hello (and buy a bag!)


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