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Hey there! Hi! YOO HOO! (I really just like saying YOO HOO! <- see, I did it again)

I wanted to update you…no, I haven’t quite moved to Tumblr yet. I know. And no, Jon Hamm did not show up at my house with hockey tickets, or a trip away, or anything like that. Mr. Lulu did make me scream on Christmas morning LIKE JON HAMM was at the door, when my stocking rang…and inside (buried at the very bottom) was a new iPhone 4s. SIRI! She’s my new BFF.

But this isn’t about Christmas past….No. Or New Years…because that too has come and gone and here we are, ten days into the new year. Only 355 days left to accomplish all I need to accomplish! 

Let us start with a list of (and I will put this in big bold letters for dramatic effect) EVERYTHING LULU BEAN WANTS TO ACCOMPLISH IN 2012!!! (if you said it in a big booming voice, you got what I was going for!)

  • Clean my sewing closet. I wish I had taken photos of it to post, but um, its an embarrassment. It needs cleaned, purged, reorganized and made all the better. Are baskets REALLY the best way to store fabric if it ends up in piles? I don’t know. Thoughts, dear reader(s)?
  • Take three more graduate classes (and then I will have one left in 2013 and I will graduate!)
  • Continue to work with the commissions I sit on, without being a poopoo head about it
  • Continue to work with my most awesome church and do the most awesome things for the Most Awesome. (She totally deserves capitals!)
  • Keep my hubby happy. (Make your hobby, hubby. Keep your hubby happy. When he’s a little chubby. He’s the happy pappy. With Rockenschpeel! Flintstones, anyone…anyone…?) This includes renewing our vows at our 10 year anniversary.
  • Redo my screened in porch, which includes painting, replacing wainscotting, cleaning, maybe removing furniture. Why DO we have so much furniture? Again, I’d show pictures, but…it’s scary
  • Sew more. Hey! Look at that! A sewing bullet! And by sewing more, I mean, the quilt top for me. A new dress for me. And work harder to better my sewing skills.
  • Better my sewing skills (totally deserves its own)
  • Learn how to use my serger

It’s going to be an exciting year, this 2012. Iwill do what I always do…get ridiculously busy, freak out, wonder why I do it, enjoy it, and then rinse and repeat. Because that’s what I do. And at 32, I think I’ve become OK with that. I’m not sure Mr. Lulu has…I really don’t think Mr. Lulu is OK with the “freak out” step in all that, but he’s supportive. But I’m sure he’d like to see one of those bullet points “not freak out when I put too much on my plate and can’t deal with it simultaneously.”

So before I leave this posting today, here is the finished quilt I made for my friend April. We are doing a blanket swap. She’s crocheted me a blanket, I quilted her one! It’s so exciting!

April's Quit

This is the beginnings of Charlotte’s quilt. Her mama picked out the fabrics, which are adorable! It’s another Disappearing/ Vanishing 9 patch. When it’s finished, I’ll post more pictures!



Charlotte's Quilt

Till then, happy sewing and happy 2012!




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My quick update

I have a couple blogs I need to write, but until I get the chance, I figured I’d just drop a quick “I swear I’m not ignoring you” blog.

While I’ve been missing in action, I sewed a cage cover for my two newest additions to the family. The Lulu family now includes two cockatiels, Job and Buster. Buster doesn’t have a tail, Job loves looking at himself. Amazingly, Daisy, our Jack Russell hasn’t tried to kill them. She is more afraid of their wolf whistles, their cell phone rings, drill noises, and Daisy calls. It’s great! But their cover is cute, made of a white, blue, and green bird print (that I had no idea what I was going to do with!) and a blue ruffle. I sewed PLEATS! I’d never done that before. and it has buttons and actually is super cute. I’ll post a picture soon.

Mr. Lulu actually got the serger threaded (WOO HOO!) and then I did something to magically unthread the WHOLE THING. Yeah, I’m good. I’ll use it again after Mr. Lulu re-threads the beast.

I also picked up an embroidery kit from Sublime Stitching. I LOVE IT. It’s so fun. I stitched a preying mantis on a flour sack. I’m learning… But I love how it’s so portable.

So…I’ve not fallen off the earth, just busy!

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Christmas cookies and the sort

It’s Christmas…so instead of doing the fun stuff, I’ve been doing other fun stuff. Make sense? There has been a cookie-binge going on. That included sugar cookies, chocolate chip, white chocolate cherry shortbread, anise cookies, window cookies and linzers which still need made.

I did get some chocolates made. Just peanut butter cups (which, instead of cup form, they are in ball form) and hazelnut truffles. Nothing fancy…or maybe…i don’t know. The baking just seemed like something to do.

The house really isn’t decorated this year. Hubster and I did go and chop down a Christmas tree. It’s as tall as me. Lovely really. Filled with origami cranes. And a couple reindeer. But nothing all that big or exciting.

The Christmas pageant is at 4pm on Christmas Eve. VERY excited about that. Then we have dinner reservations for a quiet dinner. I’m not sure we still have a plan for Christmas Day.

In sewing news, I’ve made a few bags that haven’t had photos taken of them. And I’ve been working on organizing my fabric and I got a table yesterday for my serger. Of course, I haven’t a clue how to thread it but I think that’s besides the point.

When more happens, I’ll be sure to post. Right now, it’s just kinda quiet.

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Catching up on projects

Since Friday, I’ve sewn two bags, cut out another and have sewn three skirts. I’m still itching to start my jeans but I’m waiting to figure out how to use my new serger.

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I got my serger. Surger. Whatever. I got a really complicated piece of machinery for a price that was almost a steal.

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