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I miss seafood. I do. Being pregnant takes away the fun of hot summer day sushi. It doesn’t however, prevent me from sewing some of my favorites from the sea. There are a lot of neat tutorials out for fun summer sewing. Or not sewing.

While She Naps made a great tuturial on a no-sew octopus. This was a lot of fun to make with things I had floating around my craft closet. I need a better name for it besides “Craft closet.” “Crap closet” or maybe “fall out shelter” … anyways. I did have to go buy the styrofoam balls, but that’s all right. I had fun with this. I tried two- one with googly eyes (because who doesn’t love googly eyes) and felt eyes. Mr. Lulu felt the felt eyes best embodied the spirit of the octopus, so I went with that. Here’s my version (which is funny because I think it’s the same color fleece that While She Naps used!) I feel he has the whole pirate chic thing going on, and I was really tempted to give him an eye patch!

I may have made a gaggle of octoped. Herd of octoped? Murder of octoped? I like murder of octoped but it’s just because it sounds frightful and let’s face it, if I ever came into contact with an octopus, I’d scare the dickens out of me.



Riley Blake Designs posted a tutorial on how to make Bohemian blowfish pincushions. This was too adorable. I gave it a go and have made two. To be honest, the lips gave me a lot of trouble, but I think that’s just me. For whatever reason, working with small pieces when sewing drives me batty. I’m a big swoopy kind of person. Tiny things (except embroidery) frustrate me.

But I was pleased with the fish! The first I didn’t add pennies to, because that woulda meant breaking into Piggy to get the pennies. I’m a debit card kinda gal. So it turned out more of a softie than a pin cushion, although, I imagine he’d be used for anything. I love that I can use scrap fabric for these projects. It doesn’t really take a full fat quarter to make them and believe me when I say I have a TON of scrap fabric!

The second fish I made I worked a little more on the lips but they still don’t look quite right. It’s ok though. And instead of pennies I used some marbles that I had near my sewing desk. I figured it’d give it weight and handled it the same way by encasing it in a small circle of fabric.
Again, I love that I get to use scrap fabric for these! I just realized that the green fish looks like it has a wick sticking out of the top! Nope, just my sewing machine! I plan on making a few more of these as friends, or perhaps for the Raptor to play with.




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Hey there! Hi! YOO HOO! (I really just like saying YOO HOO! <- see, I did it again)

I wanted to update you…no, I haven’t quite moved to Tumblr yet. I know. And no, Jon Hamm did not show up at my house with hockey tickets, or a trip away, or anything like that. Mr. Lulu did make me scream on Christmas morning LIKE JON HAMM was at the door, when my stocking rang…and inside (buried at the very bottom) was a new iPhone 4s. SIRI! She’s my new BFF.

But this isn’t about Christmas past….No. Or New Years…because that too has come and gone and here we are, ten days into the new year. Only 355 days left to accomplish all I need to accomplish! 

Let us start with a list of (and I will put this in big bold letters for dramatic effect) EVERYTHING LULU BEAN WANTS TO ACCOMPLISH IN 2012!!! (if you said it in a big booming voice, you got what I was going for!)

  • Clean my sewing closet. I wish I had taken photos of it to post, but um, its an embarrassment. It needs cleaned, purged, reorganized and made all the better. Are baskets REALLY the best way to store fabric if it ends up in piles? I don’t know. Thoughts, dear reader(s)?
  • Take three more graduate classes (and then I will have one left in 2013 and I will graduate!)
  • Continue to work with the commissions I sit on, without being a poopoo head about it
  • Continue to work with my most awesome church and do the most awesome things for the Most Awesome. (She totally deserves capitals!)
  • Keep my hubby happy. (Make your hobby, hubby. Keep your hubby happy. When he’s a little chubby. He’s the happy pappy. With Rockenschpeel! Flintstones, anyone…anyone…?) This includes renewing our vows at our 10 year anniversary.
  • Redo my screened in porch, which includes painting, replacing wainscotting, cleaning, maybe removing furniture. Why DO we have so much furniture? Again, I’d show pictures, but…it’s scary
  • Sew more. Hey! Look at that! A sewing bullet! And by sewing more, I mean, the quilt top for me. A new dress for me. And work harder to better my sewing skills.
  • Better my sewing skills (totally deserves its own)
  • Learn how to use my serger

It’s going to be an exciting year, this 2012. Iwill do what I always do…get ridiculously busy, freak out, wonder why I do it, enjoy it, and then rinse and repeat. Because that’s what I do. And at 32, I think I’ve become OK with that. I’m not sure Mr. Lulu has…I really don’t think Mr. Lulu is OK with the “freak out” step in all that, but he’s supportive. But I’m sure he’d like to see one of those bullet points “not freak out when I put too much on my plate and can’t deal with it simultaneously.”

So before I leave this posting today, here is the finished quilt I made for my friend April. We are doing a blanket swap. She’s crocheted me a blanket, I quilted her one! It’s so exciting!

April's Quit

This is the beginnings of Charlotte’s quilt. Her mama picked out the fabrics, which are adorable! It’s another Disappearing/ Vanishing 9 patch. When it’s finished, I’ll post more pictures!



Charlotte's Quilt

Till then, happy sewing and happy 2012!



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Almost Here!

Just like the due date for my final paper in Land Use Management, the date for Candy Land Live is rapidly approaching!

I know my last few blog posts have been about this great event, but I hope to keep talking about it and what a great cause it is for. Many many people are affected by breast cancer. Not just those who have the horrible disease, but those families and friends who reach out and offer their support. I guarantee everyone knows at least one person who has been touched in some way by breast cancer.

 Candy Land  has been rolling out more details, some of which I will share here. But I encourage you! Go look at their blog! Keep up with the updates! And come see me at the event on December 3rd!

In no particular order, here are some AWESOME notes about Candy Land Live!

  • Bear Creek BBQ will be there with food!
  • Babycakes Cupcakes will be there with a special cupcake JUST for the event
  • IT’S PEANUT FREE! (I realize that this is a massive WOO HOO for some folks, but I love me some peanuts!)
  • Dress up like your favorite candy! Or dress up your children! Who doesn’t love being able to dress up outside of Halloween?
  • Face Painting
  • Macaroni Mama will be there to talk about Macaroni Kids!
  • Raffles

See?! So many cool things will be going on! Come say hi. Come eat! Come play! And most of all, come out and support a great cause.

See you in Candyland!

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I am not a stranger to my own blog

Hello. How are you? Oh, you don’t…this is embarrassing…

I write this blog. Yes, it’s difficult to remember someone who is randomly posting, but my goodness, you know when browsers aren’t updated at places you normally write, or your blackberry makes for terrible postings, or when you come home you are either too tired or you are doing homework which is completely unrelated to doing anything crafty…so you don’t think about writing about crafts because you are too busy writing about land use management these days..

Well, I haven’t been ALL that busy, I have done a few things.

First, Go check out my blogroll! Yes! Updated links! Fancy blogs filled with creative people who update more than once every coughcoughcough…

And second! I had UFOs in my closet. You know, those unslightly unfinished objects?! yes, well, I completed them! And here they are!

Place Mat Purse


Flower Tote

and my favorite

Damask Purse with Beading

I love, it’s hard to see, but I love the beading on the last one. It’s so fun and swishy and classy! It was my first time sewing with beads like that and I tell you, they get everywhere when you run them over with your sewing machine. OOPS!

I’ve been doing a lot of embroidery as well. Mostly labyrinths for our church’s bazaar which is coming up in November, but it’s a lot of fun. Labyrinths are great for relaxing your mind, but they are also great meditation to embroider.

Well, let’s hope that I’m back on here a little more. I mean, how much can one possibly write about the legal issues of redevelopment of land. Don’t answer that…but I’d much rather be writing about the fun crafty things that have been happening.

In the mean time, go check out some of my favorite blogs. They are awesome. Just like you!

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TOLB’s Biggest Blogging Pet Peeve














Mr. Lulu says if I complain or criticize, I should be self-deprecating (he actually said self-depreciating, and he writes for a living, so I got a small laugh out of that…) but anyways…so I should be self-deprecating over a blogging pet peeve of mine.

But I can’t.  I mean, it’s a pet peeve. Are you supposed to be self-deprecating? 


So my pet peeve is the word….





Tute…it’s like toot or patoot.

Please, just stop. Use the word tutorial.

I realize that we are all short on time. I realize we just want to cut to the chase, show me how to do it, but honestly…honestly…can we PLEASE just use the word tutorial?

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Moving to Ready-Made

Yes, I’ve been sewing. Really, I have. But most of what I’m sewing, I still can’t share, and you’ll have to wait.

But the other day I went to Joanns for the first time in ages, and they had a bunch of purse handles on clearance. I mean, $1.97 is an awesome price! But of course, I forgot my debit card and my “I’m awesome because I own my own company and I get 15% off my purchase” card. So I went back on Thursday to pick up “a couple things.” Well, who woulda thunk that not only did they have some purse handles on sale, but they had a WHOLE HECK OF A LOTTA purse handles on sale. And purse accessories, like feet! And hooks! And latches! And things!

So I bought those things. Yes, I broke down and bough ready made handles. I know. Usually, I’m not a fan of using them. Mostly I’m not a fan because at $6 a set, it tacks a lot of cost into the handbag. I like keeping my prices down and buying pre-made handles, no matter how awesome they are, gets expensive.  Now, $2 a set, I can buy! And boy did I buy!

Lots of Handles!

And I started using them…This little bag, is brought to you buy the book Hip Handbags.

So far, I LOVE THIS BOOK. It’s easy to use and has tons of good ideas! I just started this little number (which isn’t finished, by the way, and excuse today’s photos, I had to use my blackberry).

The bag is about 10 inches tall and 14 inches at it’s widest. The bottom is somewhere around 9 inches by 3 inches. I love this little bag. The reddish translucent handles make it stand out. It’s just fun!

But again, not to harp, the fun thing is I can sell this bag without a huge mark-up to cover the cost of the handles. (Have you noticed how much of a stresser that is for me?)

I’m having fun, taking time away from my hush-hush sewing project and getting back into the swing of things. I’m partially motivated by my Etsy Showcase on May 17th. Yes, self-promotion.

But it hasn’t been all work and no play. Tomorrow I’ll be in the Big City to watch my first four students get confirmed at the Washington National Cathedral. I’m so proud *sniffle* that I sewed a new dress for the occassion.

This is where the picture of me and my dress was supposed to go. But it is a terrible picture and no one wants to see that. So I took it out. But here’s a description: a halter dress of brown, pink, and white horizontal stripes, with a brown band across the top. It’s  a fun summer dress that reminds me of neopolitan icecream. Or maybe, I can EAT neopolitan ice cream and if I get it on me, then no one will notice! And of course, it’s supposed to rain and be gross tomorrow, so I’ll also be wearing a sweater and probably some closed toed shoes.

EEK! Ok, anyways, so YES! So much is going on! But it’s fun and good and so far, I’ve been pleased with getting back into sewing. When I have more bags finished, I’ll get them up and into my blog. And my store…keep an eye out!

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The Catch-up Post WordPress Didn’t Publish

About a week ago, I wrote a blog that explained why I hadn’t posted in two weeks. It was all “blah blah blah, I’ve been sick, who knew I actually needed to go to the doctor…” and WordPress, for whatever reason, made it disappear. So I rewrote it. And it disappeared. Apparently, no one wanted to hear why I haven’t been posting or sewing. That’s fine.


But really, I’m better now and work has seriously kicked my bum, so I haven’t been in too much of a mood to sew. I’ve been working on one project. The project that cannot-yet-be-revealed but when it does find itself on the blog, it will be a small triumph for me.

I’ve also sewn a skirt, but forgot to take pictures of it. It’s a simple cotton skirt with a fun print I picked up at Michelle’s Quilts in Hughesville. I edged it in pink binding and its a sweet, simple skirt.

But if you get in the area, go to Michelle’s Quilts. I LOVE THAT STORE. There is so much fabric and everyone is super sweet. And there isn’t just fabric but THINGS! And things I never knew I needed! So go. It’s great.

And today I finished a bag that I started eons ago. I don’t know what took me so long, but seriously, it ended up being a fairly simple bag pattern, dressed up with cute little bamboo handles. Take a look!

So after this week at work, things should settle down and I should actually be available to sew. I hope.

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