About Me

The Original Lulu Bean is a misplaced redhead who’s roots are in the Midwest but lives on the east coast. The more The Original Lulu Bean ages, the more Midwestern she gets, the more her father’s child she is, and the more courageous and curious she gets.

Come follow me as I sew a new wardrobe, fashions a line of handbags and totes, and create epic messes. I have learned the art of ruining perfectly good fabric, taking old fabric and making something new, and breaking many many needles.

This is my sewing blog.


One response to “About Me

  1. Sharon Benjamin

    I would like to purchase the route 66 handbag shown on your site. Please let me know how much this would be including shipping so I am able to send you a check.

    Great site love the pics.

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