I miss seafood. I do. Being pregnant takes away the fun of hot summer day sushi. It doesn’t however, prevent me from sewing some of my favorites from the sea. There are a lot of neat tutorials out for fun summer sewing. Or not sewing.

While She Naps made a great tuturial on a no-sew octopus. This was a lot of fun to make with things I had floating around my craft closet. I need a better name for it besides “Craft closet.” “Crap closet” or maybe “fall out shelter” … anyways. I did have to go buy the styrofoam balls, but that’s all right. I had fun with this. I tried two- one with googly eyes (because who doesn’t love googly eyes) and felt eyes. Mr. Lulu felt the felt eyes best embodied the spirit of the octopus, so I went with that. Here’s my version (which is funny because I think it’s the same color fleece that While She Naps used!) I feel he has the whole pirate chic thing going on, and I was really tempted to give him an eye patch!

I may have made a gaggle of octoped. Herd of octoped? Murder of octoped? I like murder of octoped but it’s just because it sounds frightful and let’s face it, if I ever came into contact with an octopus, I’d scare the dickens out of me.



Riley Blake Designs posted a tutorial on how to make Bohemian blowfish pincushions. This was too adorable. I gave it a go and have made two. To be honest, the lips gave me a lot of trouble, but I think that’s just me. For whatever reason, working with small pieces when sewing drives me batty. I’m a big swoopy kind of person. Tiny things (except embroidery) frustrate me.

But I was pleased with the fish! The first I didn’t add pennies to, because that woulda meant breaking into Piggy to get the pennies. I’m a debit card kinda gal. So it turned out more of a softie than a pin cushion, although, I imagine he’d be used for anything. I love that I can use scrap fabric for these projects. It doesn’t really take a full fat quarter to make them and believe me when I say I have a TON of scrap fabric!

The second fish I made I worked a little more on the lips but they still don’t look quite right. It’s ok though. And instead of pennies I used some marbles that I had near my sewing desk. I figured it’d give it weight and handled it the same way by encasing it in a small circle of fabric.
Again, I love that I get to use scrap fabric for these! I just realized that the green fish looks like it has a wick sticking out of the top! Nope, just my sewing machine! I plan on making a few more of these as friends, or perhaps for the Raptor to play with.




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