I’m a liar.

Well folks, March 30th was my last post and that’s because I’m terrible at keeping secrets. So if you can’t say anything nice…wait, totally different post. But anyways, about a week or two before that post, I found out that Mr. Lulu and I are expecting a baby. Or a velociraptor. Either one. With the migraines I’ve been getting, I would not at all be surprised if it was a velociraptor.

My baby velociraptor will totally wear a hat and ride a bicycle.

To avoid any leaking news, I just avoided blogging. But if you’ve been on facebook or pinterest, you already know this news. I haven’t been sewing since finishing Miss Charlotte’s quilt because sewing clothes seems silly if they won’t fit and although I will be sewing for the new baby, I am waiting for eight more weeks-ish to find out what it is and then sew.

Oh wait, I lied again. I did sew three yoga skirts which are WONDERFUL and comfortable and very versatile. But not really anything exciting to show. I mean, it’s just some jersey knit with a fold over waistband.

And semester ended with a B, which is not what I wanted, but what I got and just glad semester is over. Of course, Baby Bean Sprout threw a wrench in me finishing school by the spring, so….yeah, push that one back a year.

But there’s a lot of excitement and joy in the Lulu Bean House right now. Thank goodness the baby isn’t coming until November because there is so much that needs done around the house. Honestly, what motivates people to fix up their homes are babies and selling the house. So, sewing will commence in a while, although there are some new late-summer patterns out by (I think) Mccalls for maternity clothes and I will probably give them a shot. And maybe do a pattern a review! We’ll see…

But in the mean time, I’ll try not to be a liar.


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