Twas the week before Christmas…and no donkey (or John Hamm) in sight

I have found that I cannot name a post until I write the post. I mean, who writes their abstract of their 55 page paper before writing the actual paper? I cannot predict WHERE this may go.

Except, I thought I would update you all since my last posting about John Hamm. He has not shown up at my house yet, but when he does, with hockey tickets in hand (for the Leafs game in Toronto, no doubt), I will let you all know. In the meantime, I have a super amazing husband who is not indulging my Christmas wishes. No one likes a spoiled wife, apparently.

I have yet to find a donkey and this is a slight tragedy, but in the grand scheme of things, this could be kind of frightening:

Hello, Christmas Donkey

My baking is almost finished. I’ve made Christmas thins, almond crescents, white chocolate cherry shortbread, kolaches, and chocolate orange fudge. I still have the frangelico crinkles to make, but I keep forgetting to leave my eggs out.
We had a slew of people over to make gingerbread houses. I will post pictures when I get them off my camera, but in the mean time, this is what mine didn’t look like:
So….maybe I lifted this off of Google images and didn’t really make it.

We had a great time with Kelly, Aaron, Meredith, Todd, Sue Ann, and four of Todd’s nieces and his nephew. I loved seeing the kitchen a mess and the beauty and creativity of all everyone.

In other news, my shopping is *almost* finished.
And lastly, before I go, because now I’m sorely irritated that WordPress will not un-center …
I opened a tumblr account. My Mr. Lulu urged me to think about it and so I did. I haven’t started it yet, but if you want to go ahead and bookmark the site, it’s Gin & Tunic. Get it? Get it??? I will probably make the transition off of wordpress to tumblr at the beginning of the year.
Until then,happy baking!

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