A Non Sewing Post

First…Candy Land was a success (i thought). It was cold (hey- heat next year???) but it was fun and I met new peoples and generally had a great time. I have an order for a bag (I haven’t forgotten, Kyllee!) and have some sewing to do, but you know, there was thing called…Christmas.

Right. Christmas. So let me begin with this: Christmas Pageant. Each year, my church puts on a Christmas Pageant with the wee folk of the church. I love them. They are wonderful. They make me squeal with delight. I have beautiful angels and stars and wise peoples, and shepherds, and you names it….but this year, my priest wants….

A donkey

Yes, a donkey. Now, mind you, we have a historic church. Like a 1700 and something church with beautiful slate floors. And all I keep thinking of is…donkey poop. Which will get me in mad trouble with some of the other ladies in the church. We were trying to devise a fake donkey but…yeah…that’s not working out either.

So I’ve been spending a lot of time and energy into getting a donkey. Real or not. And working on this pageant, which is always stressful  a barrel of fun, is just time consuming.
And besides that, and trying to sew, I’ve had meetings. And I’m skipping meetings. And then there was another migraine. And going out to see friends (which may or may not be why I had a migraine after a few elderflower yummy things). And a visit to the Spy Museum, and cutting down a Christmas tree. And decorating a Christmas tree. And the Christmas tree lights not working and not finding them and having to go buy lights only for the other sets of lights we had to be out in the garage…And decorating the house. And … and…
I haven’t done my shopping. WEll, I have my nieces done and part of my sister and brother in law. My Dad is finished (HA!) and thats about it. My baking isn’t even started. THIS IS AN ISSUE! This Sunday is Gingerbread House Sunday.
We will gather with friends, build gingerbread houses, consume too much sugar, and visit Flat Iron Farm. I recommend it. Here, take a peak. So I have gingerbread to bake. I have cookies to make. And candy. And Christmas dinner to buy!
And my poor Mr. Lulu says “I don’t know what to get you” so…i will make a Christmas Wish List right now. I love lists. Its that or make a list of all the cleaning and things that need done before Christmas! I think a list of things I’d like is better than a list of things I need to do. In no particular order…
  • John Hamm
  • fingernails and toenails that naturally manicure themselves and stay painted
  • jewerly. Things that sparkle. Emeralds. Diamonds. Tanzanite. Opals. However, with the price of gold, I think this is a ridiculous request and should best be saved up for for our 10th anniversary this year.
  • a food dehydrator
  • sewing feet
  • a kayak
  • an iPhone
  • an e-reader
  • plants (air plants, green plants, flowering plants, terrariums)
  • peace on earth
  • good will
  • a few more hours in the day
  • new non-melting spatulas
  • books from my Amazon list
  • anything off my Etsy list
  • Caps vs. Leafs tickets in DC (March 11)
  • Caps vs. Leafs tickets in Toronto (Feb 25)
  • a weekend away
  • John Hamm (just in case you missed it the first time)
  • a weekend away with John Hamm (you know, if you want to combine gifts, thats OK too)

There is so much more to do and get done, but it’ll get there. It always does. And then there will be feasting and visits from friends and family and all the wonderful accoutrements to the celebration of Christmas. Which I love. And if anything, let us all receive a little peace and good will this Christmas. And John Hamm.



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3 responses to “A Non Sewing Post

  1. Oh I just love your list – especially the John Hamm part!

  2. Dad

    I believe the 10th anniversary present is TIN. I’m surprised at you. BLING??

    • arguinglulu

      I love that you used the word “bling,” Dad! And tin can be shiny. Or if it is by association….like tin can be used for cans, which goats like to eat and what is similar to a goat but a SHEEP! or … tin reminds me of an Airstream Trailer, which can be used for things like a fly fishing trip to Montana!

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