Everyone Wins!

I have a migraine. Great way to start a post, huh? You are probably wondering how that relates to “Everyone Wins!” Well, let me tell you.

My little GIANT migrane started yesterday when I knew I needed to be sewing for the upcoming Candy Land game. I knew I couldn’t sew, so I went ahead and priced all of my bags. And I have terrible judgement when I have a migraine.

Here’s where you win: no bag is priced over $30. How awesome is that? My bags are priced lower than on my Etsy site. Each tag is labeled with T.O.L.B. in a certain color. Depending on the color, depends on the price. The lowest price for a bag is $5. You will find make up bags and smaller bags at this price.

I guarantee you will find something for someone on your Christmas list and it won’t break your budget. Fashionable and pretty bags should not cost an arm and a leg. You may even find something for yourself!

And I bet you are wondering how I win at this, if everyone wins. Well, I get my inventory cleaned out by the end of the year. And that is pretty stinkin’ awesome.

So come join us at Candy Land at the St. Mary’s County Fairgrounds tomorrow, beginning at 11. It runs till 6 (I hope I got those hours right). It’s a nut free event. There will be food. There will be fun! So come join us and stop by The Original Lulu Bean and say hello (and buy a bag!)



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