Almost Here!

Just like the due date for my final paper in Land Use Management, the date for Candy Land Live is rapidly approaching!

I know my last few blog posts have been about this great event, but I hope to keep talking about it and what a great cause it is for. Many many people are affected by breast cancer. Not just those who have the horrible disease, but those families and friends who reach out and offer their support. I guarantee everyone knows at least one person who has been touched in some way by breast cancer.

 Candy Land  has been rolling out more details, some of which I will share here. But I encourage you! Go look at their blog! Keep up with the updates! And come see me at the event on December 3rd!

In no particular order, here are some AWESOME notes about Candy Land Live!

  • Bear Creek BBQ will be there with food!
  • Babycakes Cupcakes will be there with a special cupcake JUST for the event
  • IT’S PEANUT FREE! (I realize that this is a massive WOO HOO for some folks, but I love me some peanuts!)
  • Dress up like your favorite candy! Or dress up your children! Who doesn’t love being able to dress up outside of Halloween?
  • Face Painting
  • Macaroni Mama will be there to talk about Macaroni Kids!
  • Raffles

See?! So many cool things will be going on! Come say hi. Come eat! Come play! And most of all, come out and support a great cause.

See you in Candyland!


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