Playing Games…for a cause!

About a month ago, I played a game of telephone (sort of). My good friend Kelly told me that there was going to be a vendor fair and they wanted people to be able to buy and take products, so I contacted the organizers, and now, here I am, preparing for another game….of CANDY LAND!!!

I’m so excited! Thanks for the Mammaries, a local group who raise money for breast cancer research and do the Avon Breast Cancer Walk each year are organizing a giant life size game of Candy Land at the St. Mary’s County Fairgrounds on December 3, 2011. They are having a vendor fair and many other opportunities for fun that day!

top image

You’ll find me there with my whole inventory and a few other goodies (busty pin cushions, anyone?) This will be a great opportunity to support a great cause, meet new people, and have a lot of fun! Oh yeah, did I mention Christmas shopping?!

Go check out their blog, Candy Land SOMD, and read The Original Lulu Bean’s profile posted this week!


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