The birthday quilt

Yesterday was my niece’s 6th birthday. HOLY MOLY. I swear, I can’t figure out where time goes. She wanted me to take a picture of her and I and put it on facebook, but I can’t resist…

She’s so stinkin’ adorable.

Anyways, for her birthday gift, she wanted to go paint pottery like her Mom and Dad did, so Mr. Lulu and I got her a gift certificate for Paint n Pottery in Huntingtown. We did it once and it was so much fun. Now she gets to go! She also got a birthday quilt. I had started this months ago and finished it two hours before her birthday. YAY PROCRASTINATION!!!

Anyways, this little guy is just big enough for Kate. It’s a vanishing 9 square, or disappearing 9 patch, or whichever name you want to call it. I rolled her gift certificate up in the quilt and let her unroll it. The back of the quilt is hot pink, the binding is actually purple, but as we all know, the blackberry takes faaaaaaaaaaaaaabulous pictures.

I tell you, it’s amazing how fast one can finish a quilt when need be! I did try fusible quilt batting. It didn’t fuse very well, but it also could’ve been because I was in a hurry. I am proud of it though.

Kate seemed to have liked the quilt, but nothing could compare with the Barbie Dream House she got from parents and grandparents.


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