I am not a stranger to my own blog

Hello. How are you? Oh, you don’t…this is embarrassing…

I write this blog. Yes, it’s difficult to remember someone who is randomly posting, but my goodness, you know when browsers aren’t updated at places you normally write, or your blackberry makes for terrible postings, or when you come home you are either too tired or you are doing homework which is completely unrelated to doing anything crafty…so you don’t think about writing about crafts because you are too busy writing about land use management these days..

Well, I haven’t been ALL that busy, I have done a few things.

First, Go check out my blogroll! Yes! Updated links! Fancy blogs filled with creative people who update more than once every coughcoughcough…

And second! I had UFOs in my closet. You know, those unslightly unfinished objects?! yes, well, I completed them! And here they are!

Place Mat Purse


Flower Tote

and my favorite

Damask Purse with Beading

I love, it’s hard to see, but I love the beading on the last one. It’s so fun and swishy and classy! It was my first time sewing with beads like that and I tell you, they get everywhere when you run them over with your sewing machine. OOPS!

I’ve been doing a lot of embroidery as well. Mostly labyrinths for our church’s bazaar which is coming up in November, but it’s a lot of fun. Labyrinths are great for relaxing your mind, but they are also great meditation to embroider.

Well, let’s hope that I’m back on here a little more. I mean, how much can one possibly write about the legal issues of redevelopment of land. Don’t answer that…but I’d much rather be writing about the fun crafty things that have been happening.

In the mean time, go check out some of my favorite blogs. They are awesome. Just like you!


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