The Satin Stitch

Or how I ruined my embroidery…

My aunt, who is very wise, said to me she could never master the satin stitch. I saw that as a challenge. Ah HA! I said, I can do it! Because I! AM! AWESOME!

I found a pattern on Urban Threads I just loved. It’s the communist fist with a sewing needle and thread. Yeah, that’s kinda me. I mean, what else says “crafting for everyone?” And it has this great border and rays of light…and in my head I had this border satin stitched and all pretty with beautiful yellows and reds and…then reality hit.

The Beginning

So it started out with nice, even stitches. And I’m thinking, “this is easy!”


Uh oh


My stitches got loose. And uneven. How did I not notice just how uneven and wackadoo they were?

In my little brain I thought, “HEY! I’ll just keep going! I can hide this with a border! A border for the border! It makes perfect sense!”

I could never color in the lines.

And when your brain is justifying its mistakes, it’s time to hang it up. Let us examine everything that is wrong with the above picture…

  • uneven stitches. you can see they are diagonal
  • the stitches are loose
  • the stitches don’t even follow the lines I drew

Satin stitch…you and I did not work out. I ended up scrapping the entire piece of fabric. Yup. Done with it. And started a new.  Finished it too. Take  a look:

Here the satin stitch was used once, for the needle. It was a good practice run, not perfect, but not nearly as embarrassing as the first attempt with the border.

I tried, right? And now I know what I need to practice on!


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