I sewed. I took pictures. I’m sewing some more.

Recently, I’ve been sewing. But what is SO AMAZING about my sewing is this time I took PICTURES! I know! It’s crazy and you should probably read that one more time just to let it sink in. I’ll wait.

Go ahead.

Ok….So I suppose now you are saying “Where are they?” HERE! “What did you sew?” STUFF! I’m informative. Thanks to a friend’s tip off that Joann Fabrics was having a sale, I went and hit their 50% off the clearance fabric on Sunday. I bought some fabric, some patterns, some needles (I love to break needles). And I came home and sewed. A lot.

The first dress I sewed was New Look 6936 and its a fun, knit dress. The dress was super easy to sew (once I figured out that you really should follow the directions for the sleeves on the pattern. I mean, who knew that they had to go on a certain way?) It’s a really fun dress and today I was asked “where did you get that?” Yeah, I like that question.


On Monday, I sewed New Look 6022. It’s a simple frock, with sleeves. But for me, it turned out to be more than that. It was the firs time I made a pleated collar, sleeves, and a little ruching. And it is just a really sweet dress. It’s black with pink pin stripes: subtle, yet sophisticated.

I don’t have a full picture yet, but will take one. Here are some snippets of the dress detail.

So yeah…those are the dresses I’ve made this week. Can I tell you I am in love with the button? It’s on the back of the dress, so I can’t see it, but it’s gorgeous.

But in the process of sewing, I’ve also been doing some embroidery. I finally finished the set of 6 napkins I’d been working on. These are simple little birds that were in a pattern book from Sublime Stitching. These were made with variegated thread, little French knots (some are good. some are BAD) but I had a lot of fun making these.

So yeah… And now I’m working on a piece for my sewing room from Urban Threads. I’m excited. It’s my first attempt at red work!


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