Seed stitches, back stitches, French knots…

What am I talking about? EMBROIDERY! Oh my goodness, I love embroidery. I forget how much I love it, till I sit down and do it.

Let’s list WHY embroidery is so awesome

  1. It travels REALLY well. I mean, I can take it to work and work on things during lunch! AWESOME!
  2. It has endless possibilities. Napkins? Sure! Pillows? Why the French Knot?! (ok, that was a seriously bad joke) Clothes? Check! Wall decor? Woo hoo!
  3. There are so many resources. So many. I mean, SO MANY.
  4. It isn’t your great grandma’s embroidery anymore! Yes, teddy bears and bird houses have their place (I’m still trying to figure out where) but nowadays with places like Sublime Stitching and Urban Threads, you can find so many awesome patterns and inspirations for the modern embroiderist! embroiderer!

I just finished a Father’s Day gift with a quote my Dad always says. It looks like notebook paper and says “I’ll break your eye.” It’s a family thing. I mean, just because I have bad eyesight doesn’t mean he broke my eye ever…just one of those things. Like ask my Mom about watching our backsides… And I’m working finishing up a set of napkins.

Oh right, this is where I put pictures in! Hm…those are nowhere to be found. But go. Go embroider! Like the wind! Learn your French and colonial knots (oh my goodness, why did I think they were so difficult?) Stitch some squid- it’s so easy, you have no excuse!


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