Moving to Ready-Made

Yes, I’ve been sewing. Really, I have. But most of what I’m sewing, I still can’t share, and you’ll have to wait.

But the other day I went to Joanns for the first time in ages, and they had a bunch of purse handles on clearance. I mean, $1.97 is an awesome price! But of course, I forgot my debit card and my “I’m awesome because I own my own company and I get 15% off my purchase” card. So I went back on Thursday to pick up “a couple things.” Well, who woulda thunk that not only did they have some purse handles on sale, but they had a WHOLE HECK OF A LOTTA purse handles on sale. And purse accessories, like feet! And hooks! And latches! And things!

So I bought those things. Yes, I broke down and bough ready made handles. I know. Usually, I’m not a fan of using them. Mostly I’m not a fan because at $6 a set, it tacks a lot of cost into the handbag. I like keeping my prices down and buying pre-made handles, no matter how awesome they are, gets expensive.  Now, $2 a set, I can buy! And boy did I buy!

Lots of Handles!

And I started using them…This little bag, is brought to you buy the book Hip Handbags.

So far, I LOVE THIS BOOK. It’s easy to use and has tons of good ideas! I just started this little number (which isn’t finished, by the way, and excuse today’s photos, I had to use my blackberry).

The bag is about 10 inches tall and 14 inches at it’s widest. The bottom is somewhere around 9 inches by 3 inches. I love this little bag. The reddish translucent handles make it stand out. It’s just fun!

But again, not to harp, the fun thing is I can sell this bag without a huge mark-up to cover the cost of the handles. (Have you noticed how much of a stresser that is for me?)

I’m having fun, taking time away from my hush-hush sewing project and getting back into the swing of things. I’m partially motivated by my Etsy Showcase on May 17th. Yes, self-promotion.

But it hasn’t been all work and no play. Tomorrow I’ll be in the Big City to watch my first four students get confirmed at the Washington National Cathedral. I’m so proud *sniffle* that I sewed a new dress for the occassion.

This is where the picture of me and my dress was supposed to go. But it is a terrible picture and no one wants to see that. So I took it out. But here’s a description: a halter dress of brown, pink, and white horizontal stripes, with a brown band across the top. It’s  a fun summer dress that reminds me of neopolitan icecream. Or maybe, I can EAT neopolitan ice cream and if I get it on me, then no one will notice! And of course, it’s supposed to rain and be gross tomorrow, so I’ll also be wearing a sweater and probably some closed toed shoes.

EEK! Ok, anyways, so YES! So much is going on! But it’s fun and good and so far, I’ve been pleased with getting back into sewing. When I have more bags finished, I’ll get them up and into my blog. And my store…keep an eye out!


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