The Catch-up Post WordPress Didn’t Publish

About a week ago, I wrote a blog that explained why I hadn’t posted in two weeks. It was all “blah blah blah, I’ve been sick, who knew I actually needed to go to the doctor…” and WordPress, for whatever reason, made it disappear. So I rewrote it. And it disappeared. Apparently, no one wanted to hear why I haven’t been posting or sewing. That’s fine.


But really, I’m better now and work has seriously kicked my bum, so I haven’t been in too much of a mood to sew. I’ve been working on one project. The project that cannot-yet-be-revealed but when it does find itself on the blog, it will be a small triumph for me.

I’ve also sewn a skirt, but forgot to take pictures of it. It’s a simple cotton skirt with a fun print I picked up at Michelle’s Quilts in Hughesville. I edged it in pink binding and its a sweet, simple skirt.

But if you get in the area, go to Michelle’s Quilts. I LOVE THAT STORE. There is so much fabric and everyone is super sweet. And there isn’t just fabric but THINGS! And things I never knew I needed! So go. It’s great.

And today I finished a bag that I started eons ago. I don’t know what took me so long, but seriously, it ended up being a fairly simple bag pattern, dressed up with cute little bamboo handles. Take a look!

So after this week at work, things should settle down and I should actually be available to sew. I hope.


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