This is not about sewing. And there’s nothing April Fool-ish about it.

I have had, without a doubt, one of the weirdest weeks I’ve had in a very very long time. And you know, it just doesn’t feel like it’s getting any unweirder. It just doesn’t.

I won’t be sharing all of the weirdness that’s happened. There’s been some great news shared with us this week. There’s been some bad news shared with us this week. The great and bad news is not mine for sharing. But then weird things like, odd meetings at work where the boss storms out, only for her to schedule a meeting with you the next day to ask you what your “long term goals and plans are with the company.” My immediate answer, by the way was, “why do you ask?” Yes, I’m paranoid. And then I had a great time at church discussing early church history, but at the same time, learned of the death of a beloved church friend, whose funeral I go to on Monday. And then my family in Indiana had two more funerals to go to.

But then I got to do something wonderful like go feed the homeless. My sister and her family came, and two members of St. Andrews and we had a great time. I love helping with the WARM program.

But when some of us were leaving, we witnessed a terrible, terrible act of domestic violence. And the sad thing is it will be one of those unresolved stories in my mind. I will never know what happened to her. We sat with her, waited for the cops (who were wonderful) and gave statements and left. I went home and had a drink. It was a weird ending.

I hope I can finish the week with love and a bit of calm. Tonight we are going to visit with friends. Tomorrow I’m taking Mr. Lulu to Corduroy in DC for dinner. So excited. It’s his birthday next week. I’m gonna go back to drinking my cranberry juice and finishing my chocolate pudding. Which is confusing to my taste buds, and making me feel weird.


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