Zipper troubles.

I really wish I had taken pictures of yesterday’s sewing problems. I was FULL of sewing problems yesterday. First of all..the bobbin thread is not fully catching and creating these massive loops in what is an otherwise beautiful seam. So much so, I have to rip out a lot of stitching and resew. And these aren’t short seams.

My second issue is the zipper. I started sewing a super cute skirt with a Moda fabric. It’s black with these darling flowers on it… Anyways, I went to insert the zipper and it’s the first time I’ve used my zipper foot on my Pfaff. For whatever reason, I can’t get it to work. I must be doing something wrong, but in the Pfaff book, it doesn’t even MENTION zippers. How do you give me a zipper foot and not tell me the secret incantation to making it work? Really? What happens is (it looks like) there is not enough pressure from the foot to make a tight stitch. What I end up with is a loose, raggedy stitch. I tried adjusting the tension, where the fabric sat, where the zipper sat, the needle position. I tried everything I could think of. I even tried looking it up on Google but there was NOTHING. Pfaff’s website doesn’t even have a “how to use your stupid zipper foot” link.

But if you know what I’m doing wrong with my sewing, please, tell me. I wish I had taken pictures to post along with this, because my frustration level hit 11 yesterday. And I threw a fit. Hey, I never said I was mature.


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  1. sharon benjamin

    Laura, did you call the store were you bought the sewing machine about the zipper foot and the problems you were having? Been meaning to post this just now got the time……

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