Playing Tom Sawyer and Why I love President’s Day.

First: Tom Sawyer (follow me, here…it takes awhile, but just follow me).

Obviously, I love to sew. But the thing I hate the most is the time it takes posting everything to Etsy. Yes, I realize the point of having a sewing business is selling your product, but it gets so boring.

The process of posting starts with taking a photo…and making the product look good. Which I don’t do well. Really, I think I lack the patience to do it well. And then I have compress and edit the photo and rename it. Then go to Etsy where I go through a whole process of picking out tags, filling in descriptions, and offering information, deciding how much to charge for the product, and of course, uploading the photos.

I don’t think it would be so bad if some things were a little more automated. Like when I sew snack bags, I’d like the profile of a snack bag to already exist, so I don’t have to go through and tag things repetitively or enter in the cost over and over again for each set. I realize customization is an awesome thing, and I appreciate Etsy allowing that, but occasionally, it’s tedious.

And tediousity (yes, I just made that word up and I’m not changing it), is where I become all Tom Sawyer-like. I got Mr. Lulu to take care of the “business end” of my Etsy shop, by adding everything to the store. He’s much better at marketing than I am, anyways, so it only makes sense. He agreed at lunch today to take this over. He said that’s the part he likes doing. And then this evening he says to me,”Wow, you’d think this would be more automated!” And, “this can get really boring.”

But he did it. He uploaded all of my new sewing to Etsy. I really enjoy playing Tom Sawyer.

And now…President’s Day.

Now, I love holidays. I love Christmas. It’s great! ThanksStarch-giving, yum! But I looooooooooove me extra holidays that require nothing of me. Like President’s Day. I get to do what I want. And what I wanted to do was sew. So I sewed. A lot. Pretty much for about 8 hours today, I sewed. And over the weekend, I even finished a Lilly Pulitzer inspired skirt. I don’t have pictures of that, but will…when my legs aren’t so ghostly. Oh wait, who am I kidding? I’m a redhead, they are always ghostly.

But anyways, here are some photos of what I did get accomplished. There are five sets of snack bags, one tote, and two handbags. I had a lot of fun creating these and really trying to stick to my resolution of not buying any new fabric. Take a peak, tell me what you think…

Four Strikes

Four Strikes

Sweet Sacks

Manly Meal

Sandwich Huggers

Kung Pouches


Route 66

Coneflower CarryOn


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