Mr. Lulu Rocks, in other news, no new sewing.

This weekend would have been a great weekend for sewing. Except one thing. I had a migraine. And not just any migraine, but the mother of all migraines. So much so that Sunday morning, when I woke up crying, Mr. Lulu actually volunteered to take me to the ER. I declined. My usual romp through the valley of pain meds did nothing for me so I went with plan b: sleep. I benadryled myself to sleep.

Mr. Lulu was an absolute champ though. He rubbed my head at 5 am until I stopped whimpering, got up, offered to make me breakfast (I declined) but then he scurried off to teach the teens at church. He then came home, brought me a muffin, let me sleep, and was super wonderful to me the whole day, till I could lift my head without screaming out in pain. He even changed the oil in my car!

He was extremely sweet about taking care of me, cooking, and taking care of the churchy things that needed taking care of. He didn’t even make fun of my lack of shower, smelliness, or random clothing choices. YEA! Huzzah for good husbands!

But this weekend, because of my incapacitatedness, I did not sew. I have lots of sewing to do,  but none got done. I wasn’t going to ask Mr. Lulu to do that. So when the muscles and the head and everything else feels better, I’ll get back to the machine.

As a parting shot, here’s the Valentine’s Day card I made Mr. Lulu.


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