I’ve been sewin’

This new machine has given me a new lease on life. At least my sewing life. Yeah, ok, so I don’t have an exciting life, but who cares? I have my sewing machine!

I’ve finished a couple new bags, these are exciting. The first pattern is Lisa Lam’s Reversible Bucket. The pattern was available on Sew Mama Sew and I’m totally buying her book. I mean, it’s awesome. The pattern was easy to understand and just cute!

The last bag I made (in the past two days, yeah, I’m totally on a roll) is a little bag I made with grommets. This was an absolutely, no frills bag. Simple pattern, no pockets, no nothing. Just simple. But the handles are ribbon, it coordinates, the picture is just off…and there are four grommets used on the bag. I will DEFINITELY be using more grommets!

And before I sign off and go to sleep, I just want to shout a great big THANKS! to the girls of Alpha Sigma Tau. You always hold a special place in my heart.


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