Performance Anxiety

Saturday brought a lot of rain to our humble hamlet of Southern Maryland. I still ventured out (and brought Mr. Lulu with the enticement of a new video game) out to the Southern Maryland Vacuum and Sewing Center to pick up the floor model and get a quick lesson on the Pfaff.

I got there in time to see the Pfaff Club wrapping up. This is a technique class that meets once a month to learn new techniques and interesting things to do with their sewing machine. I believe, strongly, that one should always work to better themselves. I will be attending. The ladies at the club were extremely nice and helpful. I even met another lady who keeps a sewing blog. I strongly recommend you checking out Elovabeth

I sat down with Trudy and learned the machine. Or, she went over the machine while I sat in awe. I am SO nervous/ excited about this. We brought home the floor model as a loaner until the new machine comes in. Of course, having something that isn’t mine in the house makes me very nervous. What if break it? What if I do something I’m not supposed to? Suddenly I’ve become a very inept sewer.

After some rearranging of the room and reorganzing of supplies, stripping the Singer of her accoutrements, I sat down to sew. Well, no. First I re-threaded bobbins onto Pfaff bobbins. Then I sat to sew. And I was so nervous that I could barely press on the foot. Which is apparently a no-no and you should just go for the gusto. But really, I was so afraid to sew.

The whole experience was honestly overwhelming. I made a small drawstring bag and started cutting out another, but stopped. It wore me out. My nerves had gotten the better of me.

I’m hoping that after this initial breaking in period, I’ll be able to zip my seams right along. And not break the loaner. Or maybe it’ll just sit on the desk like I know what I’m doing….ugh the performance anxiety!


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