I’ve joined the Pfaff Club.

Well, for the last three nights, I have dreamed about sewing machines. Buying them, driving them, tearing them apart, you name it, I’ve dreamed it. That should be no surprise after I’ve spent the last week reading every possible blog, review site, Consumer Reports, you name it…I’ve read it, just trying to determine what is the best possible machine for my money.

And let me tell you something, everyone has an opinion. Everyone. Today I went to get my hair cut, which happens to be by a quilt shop. (A great quilt shop to, the Olde Towne Stitchery.) After the appointment, I ran in and spoke to a sales lady and a lady who was piecing a quilt. The convo went something like this:

Me: Quick question…what kind of sewing machine do you use?

Sales lady: We use Brothers for the classes.

Me: What do you use at home?

Sales lady: *sighs* I have a Bernina.

Customer: A Bernina.

Sales lady: why?

Me (explains torn between Bernina and Pfaff and buying a new machine.)

Customer: I also own a Pfaff. I love them both.

Me: *sighs heavily*

Sales lady: Whatever you do, buy the best you can afford. You won’t regret it, and you more than likely will grow into the machine.

So EVERYONE has an opinion. Which is GREAT! But no one can say “this is the absolute best for your money.”

I knew I was going to the Southern Maryland Vacuum and Sewing Center. I went over there, with a limit on my spending, and was going to have a frank talk with the owner.

I knew I wanted convenience of the store, prefer to buy local, and need to keep cost at a set limit. I also wanted a workhorse that I will have for at least ten years. The Pfaff dealer is down the street. The Bernina dealer is about forty-five minutes away.

Donald was VERY helpful. I asked a million questions, brought in fabric samples, and thought I was going to buy a Pfaff Select 3.0. Boy was I wrong. I test drove the Expression 2.0 and LOVE I tell you. Oh how lovely she is. And the IDT? HEAVEN! I can retire my walking foot!  Oh and the STITCHES! There are 104 of them. And 37 needle positions. And that display shows you what your modified stitches will look like as you adjust width and length. And it has automatic beginning/ end stitches. And free motion stitching…and…and…yeah, I can go on and on.

Because the price tag was still higher than what I had anticipated spending, I left. I’m a good person like that and monetary decisions must be discussed…so as soon as I got home, we turned right back around and I bought that baby. *SWOON*

I knew the machine had to be ordered (he was out), but was rather disappointed when I found out it’s on backorder even from Pfaff until the middle of the month. Saturday I’m getting hooked up with a temporary machine until my new one comes in. I call that good customer service.

It’ll be very exciting to give my review of the machine, besides my test driving of it at the shop. Which, I did on everything from sheers to saris to home dec fabric. I even tried out some decorative stitches (like the turtle!)

So, as my dear Mr. Lulu put it, I’m now part of the Pfaff Mafia- or the Pfaffia. And it’s REALLY exciting.


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