Ramping up

The weather stinks. No, The weather is wonderful, and I love the rainy/ sleety/ slushiness. I don’t like going to work in the rainy/ sleety/ slushiness because I would rather be at home, stalking the internet for new patterns and then plopping my butt at the sewing machine, with Pandora on the laptop, listening to music, and sewing my little heart out (of course, till I get irritated and throw whatever it is I’m working on away…)

Not that I’ve ever done that. Ok, maybe once. Twice? Ouch, my nose just grew and hit my monitor! I recently threw a bag I was working on away. I thought I was *brilliant* by saying “oooo, I’ll add a BUTTON CLOSURE! And then rocked the button hole through ONE layer of fabric. Not two. I got irritated.

But the Chesapeake Bay Public Charter School Craft Fair is coming up again and I’m trying to revamp my inventory. It’s down…a lot…if you haven’t noticed by my Etsy site. Don’t look. It’s embarassing. I pulled out an old-faithful pattern. It’s a grocery bag pattern. I mean, with the reusable bags being sold at the grocery store having crazy amounts of lead in them, who wants to use them? Not I said the little fly. I’d rather use a home-grown, safe, cotton bag.

What is my problem if this is an old-faithful? Um, I forgot how to sew it. I even have the directions! It doesn’t make ANY SORT OF SENSE to me. I don’t know what happened to my brain, but my brain says “no thanks” and shuts down. Do I feel ninny-ish? Yes. This is going to take me falling asleep, purposely thinking about it as I slowly wake up, and then I will have that A-HA! moment. But the problem is, making sure I am sleeping properly and remembering to think about it to have that A-HA! moment. It’s when I figure out all of my sewing problems.


Or, I’ll just go home tonight and fight with it until I figure it out…or tomorrow. Maybe tomorrow.

OH! In the meantime, go check out Sew Mama Sew’s sewing tutorials. I learned a lot!!! And I promise to get better about posting pictures… I never think about it and I usually write these when I’m not at home.


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