Joining Groups

Publicity and growth is something I think everyone struggles with as an artist/ crafter.

I struggle, but I’ve also not put my heart into working on advertising my brand. There’s a lot that I need to work on but just the general “getting the word out” bit is difficult. I have great friends who’ve bought the bags, I have sewn for charity, I label everything…I have my blog and post and tag and categorize my posts…I do the occasional craft fair, but there’s so much more!

And I do this for fun. Which is the other thing I have to remind myself. THIS IS FUN.

So, THIS IS FUN sometimes turns into “why don’t you join x.”

Where I live, we have two groups: the Craft Guild of St. Mary’s County and the St. Mary’s County Art Association. Each have their own location and their own set of rules. There’s also Sassafras Hill, a little co-op type store that sells a variety of homemade goods with  a lot of flexibility. Each has their perks and quirks.

I don’t know if I’m ready to branch into any of those. It’s a huge commitment, both time and money. Some more so than others. And I am trying to keep this as fun, not another full time job. I have plenty of those as it is.

I want to know, does anyone have experience with this? Is this something that is worth it? Should I venture outside my comfort zone? How have you branched out beyond word of mouth?


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