Catching up on the sewing and the pics

In my last post, I said I sewed a new dress. Yeah, I loved it. It rocks. And I plan to wear it again Saturday when I go to see a  show. Here is a  picture:

OK, So it isn’t a GREAT picture of what I sewed, but it’s a picture. The dress is strapless, the top is a stretch knit in black, the dress is a cotton print, I think from Jo-Anns. The top is an Old Navy thermal that I cut and sewed into a ruched cardigan (complete with skull and cross bones on the back). The other three super hot chicks are friends of mine with style and grace. Way more style and grace than I will EVER have!

I'm the third from the left.

I love that dress. I love that pattern, too. It’s a modified Simplicity pattern (forgive me, I don’t know which). But originally the dress is a single strapped flour sack. At least, that’s what it looks like on me. So I take out the straps, added darts, and fitted it a little more to my body.

The other thing I started sewing was a new bag. It’s a new pattern I picked up off of All People Quilt.  Of course, right now I can’t find that pattern either. I’m having a great day, people, bear with me. I love this little bag.

The bag is little- maybe 13 inches or so by 6, with a good size gusset. The strap wraps diagonally across the midsection of the bag. It’s a pink cotton with cherries, interior is pink, the strap is red. LOVE LOVE LOVE. I haven’t finished it, but there’s a sneak peak before it ends up on my Etsy store.

I also am very proud to say I got my first subscriber! YEA! I’m so happy I could pee! Um, that’s not very attractive I know, but really, it’s exciting news to me!





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