Invisible Zippers and Defeat

OK, so my last post about the Cynthia Rowley dress and blah blah blah. Piece of crap.

I really wish I had pictures to share with you. But, not yet. I think I might end up submitting it to Craft Fail, because, oh my heavenly cheese, it’s a fail. I’ve expressed mass distaste for the way taffeta rips when not needing to. And the I did get the shell together and everything was going ok, till I needed to insert a zipper. OK, fine. I’m FINE with zippers. But apparently I’m not fine with invisible zippers. And who knew there was an invisible zipper foot?

Mid-sew I had to run to Joanns to get the invisible zipper foot. Now I have a few gripes about this. Gripe number 1: who EVER thought it was a good idea to make an invisible zipper foot out of plastic? Gripe number 2: who thought they should be placed by the zippers and not the rest of the sewing feet in the store? Gripe number 3: why is it slide-y and move around, so you can’t keep a straight line, when the directions are explicit in telling you to keep a STRAIGHT LINE!?!?

Once the invisible zipper was sewn in (I should’ve just done it my way and not pay attention to those silly directions), I put the dress on. It turned out to be like…four sizes too big. how did this happen? I DONT KNOW. Don’t ask me. But to fix this problem, I’d have to rip out the zipper and redo the side seams. No.

No. No. No. NO. NO NO NO NO.

So there.

I crumpled it up and threw it in my closet.

Yes, I realize how mature this was.

Yes, I realize it’s a waste of fabric.

Yes, I realize that there were probably other ways to save this dress.

But I didn’t care.

I sewed a new party dress. With a pattern I know that works. And looks cute. And it has skulls, roses, and geishas on it. And it’s awesome.

And it didn’t have an invisible zipper.


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