Cynthia Rowley dress

So I started working on my new party dress. It’s a Cynthia Rowley pattern, number 2497.  OK, sorry for the link, and not the picture, but this computer is totally worthless and doesn’t ever want to do what I need it to do!

I cut out the pattern and the fabric Wednesday night and started sewing last night. I’m sewing it in a beautiful blue-ish purple taffeta. I’m in LOVE (as long as it turns out).

It’s that turning out part that isn’t going to well for me. See, this is my first taffeta experience. And taffeta rips. I did not know this. But when ripping out seams (which I did a lot of yesterday) I ended up ripping the fabric, which meant having to redo seam lines and all that jazz. Now, I did not realize this dress has pockets. OK, that’d be about dumb of me, because the front picture on the pattern has the model with her hands in her pockets. Yeah, I’m a bright lightbulb. I did one pocket- HUZZAH! And did the second pocket…only to find out that I sewed the pocket inside out (you know, so I was waving my hoover flag. Here’s the link if you don’t know what a hoover flag is). So I ripped out the left pocket and, yes, ripped the fabric. So guess who’s dress is going to be all stylish with one pocket? MINE! How’d you know!?

After the Great Pocket Debacle of January 6, 2011, I went on to piece the top to the bottom. And guess what? I pieced it inside out. And then I did it again. And then I realized as I was piecing, that the bottom was not gathered, so I took out the pins and tried to regather the fabric, but gently pulling the thread. But guess what broke? The thread! Wow, you are SO SMART! Sheesh! I bet your threads don’t break or you don’t piece things inside out… So I got frustrated and threw it down. Maybe I was tired. Maybe I was distracted. I dunno. But I threw it down and watched Mr. Lulu get frustrated while mudding the bathroom ceiling.

I hope to try again tonight. Maybe I’ll just hand stitch the gather…I have more luck with that. And then have a drink. And then attach the top and bottom. I need to not be so ambitious in getting this done, but 1) it needs done for next week and 2) I’m really anxious about that neck ruffle. You see, it’s another ruffle. And a French seam. Guess who doesn’t know how to do a French seam? ME! Wow, you are three for three today!

Hopefully this weekend I can post pictures of my monstrousity creation. If so, be kind. This is one dress that will carry my blood, sweat, and tears.


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