Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home.

Mr. Lulu and I returned home last night from our ten day vacation. We haven’t had a ten day vacation EVER. And it was the most fabulous ten day vacation EVER.

Our five days with Mom and Dad were GREAT! Despite Mom’s fears of us being bored, our only fear was getting their cold. Which we did. We did exactly what we wanted to do: sit on our butts. And eat cookies. And I did. I sat on my butt and ate cookies. Which is now noticable if you look at my butt.

I did get to see Aunt Terry and Uncle Ken (AWESOME!) and watch Rosey the parrot chase my aunt. I saw Uncle Ferris and Kate, which was AWESOME. And even Joe, my cousin. We drove around, we played black light mini golf, we went shopping. I did nothing. My brain was not taxed ONE SINGLE MINUTE. And that, is the best start to vacation.

Christmas rocked, too! I got new cookware. Two new enameled cast iron pots. And one is BIG! SCORE! So now I want to make cassoulet, but need to find duck confit, which is an anomoly down here in the middle of nowhere.

So we parted ways, and drove to the big city. It was a beautiful drive up north, where I got to see Mom #2, Luke, and Emma before running off to the city. Our hotel was awesome. The Sofitel has to be, hands down, my favorite place I’ve ever stayed.

Mr. Lulu and I did make to the Museum of Science and Industry, where we toured the U505, saw a tornado, played in the whisper tube, had virtual butterflies land on us, and so much more. We shopped, we went to P.O.S.H. We went everywhere. And still didn’t see enough!

We had lunch with Matt and Missy at Gibsons. We had dinner with Aunt Gloria and Uncle Jeff at Maggianos. We walked. We ate. We shopped. We saw. We didn’t even come close to conquering.

I will say I’m ready to go back. Or move. I have never felt so at home and comfortable.

In the mean time, it’s time to plan the next vacation…preferably staying at another Sofitel.

Thanks to all of those people who made our most awesome vacation just that much more awesome.


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  1. Dad

    Glad you had a good time in Chitown. You could live downtown for years and never have to take a vacation ’cause its all right there. Happy to have you and Son anytime….
    Love ya both,

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