That title should be in big bold italicized letters. Mr. Lulu and I are finally vacationing. Yes, I’m sporadically posting about random and inane things, but till the new year, this is what you get!

We are wrapping up the first leg of our vacation: Christmas in Terre Haute. I love visiting Mom and Dads. I have eaten. And eaten. There were cookies made (the kinds she made when I was a kid!) and there was a big hunka bloody cow for Christmas dinner! And Grandma’s chocolate chip pie (which, although Mr. Lulu swears isn’t that original, it is. It’s Grandmas.) We cow raced, we played Jeopardy (I totally lost), we placed Fill or Bust and Apples to Apples. We talked. We relaxed. Did I mention relax? This has been SUCH a relaxing five days.

And Christmas was good! Quote of Christmas was Mama Lulu asking if her Snuggie had directions. I get to look forward to cooking (2 new pots!) and watching hockey when I get home!

But I have five more days before that happens. The second leg of The Great Midwestern Tour begins tomorrow: New Years in Chicago. We have a pretty full schedule planned and I’ll get to see Uncle Lulu and Missy!

For now though, this has been exactly what I had hoped for.


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