Sewing lessons and ear warmers

My first “teach Kelly to sew” day went REALLY well (I thought!) Nothing like trying to teach someone to sew a dress with a two way stretch knit material. I hate sewing two way stretch! But Kelly did so well.

I did laugh when she sewed it together and I said “try it on.” Then she sewed the next bit and I said, “try it on.” And then she’d sew again and I’d look at her and she’d roll her eyes a little, get up, and go try it on. She said, “I see why you have a dress form.”


Today was the first day I sewed for myself in a really long time. I found a tutorial on Prudent Baby’s site on how to make these super cute ear warmers. Hers were SO ADORABLE. Her grey ear warmer is my absolute favorite. Go look at it! I had some pea green waffle knit and modified it a little. Really, no one ever wants to see the first of anything I make because the stitches are tres terrible.But, This turned out so darn cute. I mean, see for yourself! I love it. It’s definitely going with me to Chicago in a couple weeks!  

Speaking of, if anyone knows of any particular awesome fabric stores in Chicago, let me know! I will most definitely drag Mr. Lulu around to find more fabric I don’t need that’s absolutely necessary for my fabric collection!




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2 responses to “Sewing lessons and ear warmers

  1. carrie

    Try Vogue Fabrics in Evanston, IL. It’s just a bit north of the city–well worth the trip! If you have a car, check out Quilter’s Destination on Rand Road in Arlington Heights, IL. They have a cute website!

    Have fun!

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