Teach a man to sew…

And they can make their own clothes (once they get a sewing machine!)

I am SO SUPER EXCITED today. I’m going to teach my friend Kelly how to sew a dress. She picked out a super cute, super easy Mccall’s dress . It has three pieces: a front, a back, and a sleeve. There are no notions, nothing fancy. Actually, the most difficult part will be working with a two way stretch material.  I know she can do it though. And she’s gonna rock this dress too.  

There is nothing more fun than teaching someone a new skill. I know many times people say “I could never sew.” When in fact, they are just too afraid to try. Really, what’s the worst that’s going to happen? It doesn’t fit? You don’t like the pattern on you? So what? Cut it up and and start over! Make something new out of it.

I actually have a dress like this right now. I wish I had pictures. Wait, no I don’t. It looks something out of Courtney Love’s baby doll dress era in the mid 1990s. One suggestion (Kelly actually gave it to me) was to cut it short and wear it with leggings. Maybe…I could just rip it apart and use it for something else. I haven’t decided.

But the thing is, I tried! I haven’t failed…it just hasn’t found it’s being yet.

See, I think every cut piece of fabric knows what it wants to be. You can’t force it to be what it isn’t. Some fabrics take ages to speak to me and say “hey! I’m awesome, make me into (this random thing) and I will totally rock out!” Other fabrics just jump off the bolt at me and say “hellooooooo awesome taffeta dress!” (pictures to come as soon as I sew said awesome taffeta dress!)

Don’t fear the sewing machine. Or the fabric. Or the reaper. Just go try. See what happens. Kelly is going to try tonight and she’s going to make one awesome dress.


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