Shopping bags

I was reading the NYT Mag this morning and they had a Christmas guide. GREAT! What is awesome and trendy in the NY scene? I was not prepared for this… This is  a Celine Shopping bag.. The cost is $1000-2950. Now the last time I checked, we were amidst a recession. Who on earth is buying this???

Instead, there are wonderful other products out there. Sew Mama Sew has a whole host of bags as part of their Green Grocery Challenge. I love this one… See? Awesome!

I’m totally confused why in a time of economic suffering, people insist on promoting the ridiculous. The small number of people who can actually afford that cannot make up the NYT Mag’s readership. And how many who window shop, end up feeling worse because they are not the one carrying that Celine bag?

Enjoy the homemade. Enjoy the time and effort it took for someone to make that for you. The imagination and creativity is worth more than 10 Celine bags.

So when choosing Christmas presents this year, remember to use your noodle and not your Visa.


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One response to “Shopping bags

  1. Jesse

    Agreed. Ila, the girls, and I worked on making jewelry, ornaments, and art this year to send as gifts. I don’t read magazines anymore because they all (tech, fashion, and cooking) promote buying items that are out of my price range… Which makes me think I need an iPad or a stand Mixer. I’d rather receive a hand made gift from my brother in law than some gadget I really didn’t need on the first place.

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