WOO HOO! My stitches are out. After a week of being splinted, wrapped, and only half a member of the human race, my three stitches were snipped out and I have almost full use of my thumb again. Of course, it has to stay bandaged for a week again, it hurts like a you know what, and I can only kinda bend it, but that’s better than yesterday, and tomorrow will be better than today.

So here’s my sewing plan. Yes, I have one. I need to finish my rolled collared dress. The neck needs finished, the sleeves need finished, but it’s sitting on my dress form and just needs finished. Then onto the blue taffeta number. That needs finished pronto. Actually, they both do. I also plan on helping my friend Kelly sew her first dress. It’s a super cute, super easy pattern, and I know she’s gonna look great in it. After that…I have about six new bag patterns I want to try.

I have so much fabric that I just need to sit down and sew. These last few months were just bonkers…stuff did get sewn, but just not a lot. OH! Here’stwo examples of bags I’ve sewn from place mats.They were fun little things for sale on my Etsy site.



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