I swear I was lost in a time warp…

OK, so my last post was in June. Somewhere, I got sucked into a time warp, where I saw the past and future blend together into this weird amalgamation complete with sand worms, angels, and lollipop trees…there was a wicked witch there too. I swear.

Maybe not. But I have been busy and in that “been busy” period, I don’t think there was a lot of sewing. Work has been tremendously stressful, which tends to zap all creativity out of me. On top of work, church has been ramping up to do a TON of stuff and that too, has been involving and time consuming. And add to that work, oh wait, I mentioned that, um, the general life-stuff that happens. I couldn’t even tell you all what has happened, but I can tell you that things are going to continue to get crazy, complete with two classes starting in September, church activities every weekend, work, and trying to maintain some sort of composure until I can take a vacation. Which will happen sometime. I hope. At least, that’s the plan. So no summer vacay for me….but Mr. Lulu and I are looking at a Christmas trip to the midwest.

But in sewing news…I HAVE been sewing. Really! I promise! I sewed a super cute pink and red paisley skirt with a ruffle (adorable) and I made a bag for my niece’s school year. Which has prompted an additional five sales (YEA!), including my absolute favorite bag. I’m really working to deplete the stock of bags I have right now and then work on reducing my fabric supply that currently resides in my closet. I have started some smaller projects like reusable snack bags (which rock).

So although lost in a time warp, I promise that my sewing will pick up at least in the next month. And hopefully I can sit down, unboggled, and write some more. I do miss it. And will prefer to blog about my sewing than write about pollution control techniques, which will be my fall project. Or, I can blog about those too. It’s riveting, I know.


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