Fabric Sales Rock and Preprinted Panel Projects

Mr. Lulu and I were in the ‘Dorf on Sunday to have dinner with my sister’s family (and we unexpectedly got to see friends which was a nice side note to the evening). But before dinner, I made it over to Hancock Fabrics to have a go at their sale.

I (heart) the remnant bin. I will say, hands down, Hancock has THE BEST remnant bin out of all the fabric stores I frequent. And today, it was 75% off. I bought an amazing amount of remnants, including a couple little things I need to hurry up and sew… but they are having a killer sale, and well, it’s probably a good thing that they are an hour away from me.

I like Hancock for their remnants and plain cottons, because you can get them at Wal-Mart prices. Their other fabric is way pricey and makes me sad, but that’s what sends me to Jo-Anns. Jo-Anns remnants are never a good price. Or if I’m feeling particularly froggy, I’ll hit the quilt shops to find something a little more unique.

Anywho, so while shopping, I came across this : the Go Green Tote Bag Panel project. For $9, you can purchase a pre-printed, just cut and sew (and line) bag project for your eco-shopping. It was 1/2 off, I almost bought it, until Mr. Lulu reminded me just how silly that is. That I have fabric, I make bags, and I can do it with scraps of fabric and not spend $9 a panel to make a bag. The fabric IS super cute with it’s little recycle motifs, trees, and recycling symbols. But the fabric wasn’t even made of recycled cotton! It was probably dyed in Indonesia by some poor soul. It stayed on the bolt, I put it away.

Cute concept, but just not cute enough.


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