Sewing while stressed

I don’t recommend it.

Yesterday I was tired. And just ancy about….who knows what. But as I was sewing, I kept messing up.  Uneven stitches, bobbin was all wacky, interface showing… It’s frustrating. I wanted to sit and sew. I wanted to relax like I usually do on a Sunday night…but, no.

I have learned this lesson before and apparently I need to keep learning it. Walking away from the sewing machine is NOT a bad thing! It isn’t! I’d rather have a good product than a product I have to later rip apart and start over.

Here’s what I produced that actually turned out cute. Just a little tote for the market.

Now the other bag? No, you don’t want to see it. As for me? I don’t want to see it either.


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Filed under bags, Crafting, creativity, flops, mistakes, sewing

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