Doodling. It’s my favorite hobby next to sleep and sewing.

Last night while sitting through a meeting, I got bored. I stopped paying attention. And I started doodling. What became of my doodles however, was an “Ah HA!” moment.

That beautiful chevron print that I posted in my last post finally stopped freaking me out. It’s so PRETTY how could I cut this? But then I figured it out. With that fun chevron print, it needed something round, but not too organic….so what did my doodle doodle? The bowling ball bag. Yes indeedy. I’m very VERY excited about this. I started a cute little (what I’d call throw- away) bag, but is certainly a nice little tote. I’ll finish that before I start but it was my absent minded doodling that got me very excited!

I used to have a boss who encouraged doodling (would you believe it was at a law firm?)  My desk blotter had pictures of people, geometric shapes, plants, and whatever else I could think of.  Doodling does WONDERS for the brain. I even tend to listen *a little* better if I let my pencil wander. I even stopped using pens at work in favor of pencils because of the doodling habit.

Paul Klee said that drawing is a line going for a walk. So true that we sometimes don’t know where we’ll end up. Sometimes it’s a good idea. Sometimes, not so much. But that journey is what matters.

I’m excited to go on my bowling ball bag journey. I hope everyone has a bowling ball bag journey of their own.


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