I’m delinquent. I didn’t realize it’d been over a month since my last post. Sheesh…what a terrible, horrible, no good blogger I’ve been.

May was actually a really busy month for the Lulu household. We took trips to Atlanta, GA (where I wore the skirt I sewed, which I have no pics of), trips to Virginia and there were parties and gatherings and all sorts of good things.

However, in that month, I can say, lots have been happening. Besides getting awesome new fabric, I’ve been sewing like a MADWOMAN. I’m surprised I’ve not sewn myself to my machine yet.

This past weekend, I participated in my first Maker’s Market at Annmarie Gardens in Dowell, MD. This is a waaaaaaaaaaay cool event that brings artists, crafters, and other homemade yummy foodie things together for 3 hours on the first Saturday of the month. It was HOTTER than a tamale! Mr. Lulu was awesome to come along, help set up, and hang with me while we peddled bags.

Unfortunately, I’ll be missing July (here I come, Chicago!) but will be back in August and September. I may buy a tent by then…

I’ve also been on a terrible fabric kick, which included a trip to G Street Fabrics! I scored an awesome blue and green chevron print. And ordering patterns off of Etsy (see Crochet Diva, Aivilo, and Keykalou). Or go to my Etsy store and see what I did with the patterns!

So before I go, I’ll post my favorite…this is a Crochet Diva pattern.


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