OOO! I’m excited!

I’m more excited than Jo-Ann’s having new fabric!!

Whitney, from Knit in Public, reviewed an Original Lulu Bean handbag. SHE LOVES IT! YEA!


K, so now that I’m totally (ok, not I’m not) done giggling and being excited over this, here is an excerpt.

“These totes, makeup bags and purses are so pretty and adorable, and the designer, Laura, makes them by hand!  I’m so jealous, I wish I could sew!

The fabrics used in The Original Lulu‘s line are original and colorful.  With one of these bags to compliment your outfit, you can take a simple look to something great!”

Please go to Knit in Public and read the entire review.  Nothing like a good review to end a good day!

As added bonus…if anyone reads the review and mentions Knit in Public in an Etsy convo when purchasing a bag will get 15% off their purchase!



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2 responses to “OOO! I’m excited!

  1. therunningteacher

    Of course she was thrilled! Your bags are gorgeous! Laura, if I might recommend another backdrop in your photos. The white wall is too stark. You need some professional photography to jazz up your presentation. Use a daylight setting — you can see the shadows from the flash — and set them among items that might be found in them, or a natural place they might be found, ie; cosmetics bag surrounded by cosmetics brushes and containers, or a bag (stuffed with crumpled plastic bags to “puff it”) hanging from a chair. What do you think? I think you would experience a growth in sales… : ) I’d be willing to come over and help! Just a thought. See you soon.

  2. I love my bag! It’s WAY bigger than expected.

    Cannot wait to use it for my knitting stuff.

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