Joann’s has…

NEW FABRIC! Not just like, new prints, which they do, but they have PUL! and BAG FABRIC! This is awesome news, peoples. I bought this…
and made two big grocery bags out of it. Surprisingly, the bag fabric (which is a coated paper fabric) is REALLY easy to sew. And cut. And stare at and touch. I love it. It makes me HAPPY!

Then I bought this !!! Isn’t it gorgeous! Wait, this is just a blue square. I didn’t even buy blue, but I bought PUL!!! I have been BEGGING our Joann’s to order PUL and they are now stocking it for the peeps who like to make homemade diaper covers. I wanted it for a sandwich mat that I saw on a blog once, but now I can’t find it. That doesn’t mean I won’t do anything with my PUL. AU CONTRAIRE! I did go with the fabulous Wanda’s (who runs the store) suggestion and got a new needle for my sewing machine. She would’ve sold me a walking foot if they hadn’t run out. (Side note about walking foots, feet…whatever… I tried to buy one for my brother and it didn’t fit, so I am sans walking foot.)

Another sidenote, I got an A in watershed. :)

But I’ve been sewing. I’ve sewn a curtain and valance set for the one weird window above our front door. And a skirt. And bags. The two aforementioned grocery bags (which I WILL photograph) , a new make up bag with an inner pouch, and a couple bags from Keykalou‘s city bag pattern.

I LOVE THAT PATTERN. Here is one that I have for sale . The prototype I carry with me- it’s a sunny-tastic polka dot bag of fun. Another (which would be photographed if the camer batteries didn’t die) is red with a green mushroom print. Awesomely fun. Then one I’m working on now, I jokingly call from my “fall collection” is the same pattern, but a brown and red plaid with a leather top. There is something sweet and comforting about it.

There is so much I want to sew right now and my poor fingers can only go so fast. Same with my sewing machine. But it’s been fun. Semester has ended. Church called a priest. Confirmation is this weekend (and I will be wearing the newly sewn skirt!) Hopefully now I can spend more time sewing and blogging.


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