I’ve been absent.

Even Father of Lulu noticed I’ve been absent from my blog… oops. I’ve had good reasons. First, semester is ending. Semester is ending which means a crazy paper (a watershed plan for a river, which my dearest, darlingest Mr. Lulu is currently editing)  and a final. The final is next week. Say a prayer.

Plus, church has been in full swing. Not only did we just celebrate Easter, but my church has been interviewing priests and going through a lengthy search process. Fingers crossed that will be over soon. Plus I’ve been helping the confirmation class and we’re getting ready for that (May 1st).

I’ve had a few moments to sit down with my fabric. Mostly I just like to pet my fabric. It’s so pretty and patient. Today I sat down and sewed a new bag pattern. It was supposed to be small bag but ended up being more a messenger bag. I happen to love it. She said neutral but not neutral and summery but not clashy. Oye… tall order. I don’t know why but picking fabric for family is more difficult than picking fabric for anyone else…

K, I realize this is sideways. I realize it’s a crappy picture, but I took it with my phone and this is what you get on a long night. Maybe I’ll remember and go back and finish it. It has a big flap, striped insides, a magnetic snap, and a couple pockets. I think it’s adorable. I hope Sister Lulu thinks so too.

Anyways, it’s about bedtime. I’m well drained and have another full day ahead of me. Hopefully after semester quiets, it won’t be so bad and I’ll be at the sewing machine more, and here more.


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  1. youngwifey

    Good luck on your final! The tote is cute, I like the fabric.

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