Thank you everyone!

Last Saturday was the first Charter School Craft and Vendor Fair. It was also my first craft show with my bags. The Charter School did a great job! Hats off to them. Everything was so easy and set up was great. I had so much fun and met a slew of new people. Even more exciting- I sold bags!

I had to part with a few that were my favorites but that IS the point of making them is to sell them. I had two special orders and here’s what they look like:

I also need to REALLY thank Craig who did my store sign. It is awesome. I really had the best display (if I do say so myself!) Ok, maybe not, but with the help of Mr. Lulu, an Ikea coat rack, an easel and my flashy new sign, I looked pretty professional!

I had such a great time!!! I don’t think I can say that enough. Of course, this just makes me want to sew more and more and more…which makes that work thing just get in the way.

But I wanted to say thank you to those who purchased, those who helped, and those who said such kind words. And thanks again to Craig! OOPS! I almost forgot, thank you Candy, my AST sister who redid my logo (again!) You ROCK!


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